Ukraine International Airlines Plans to Open Route to Ethiopia


Ukraine International Airlines (UIA) is planning to open a new route from Kiev to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

According to reports by the Ukrainian Air Transport Association (UATA), although the negotiations are not yet complete, UIA plans to start flying to the East African capital in 2020.

Once the flights route becomes active, the airline will fly from the Boryspil International Airport in Kiev, Ukraine.

Yuri Miroshnikov, president of UIA, speaking on why his airlines chose Ethiopia, he remarked, "the geographical position of Ethiopia... makes the transit to Europe and to the West through Ukraine more or less logical, which cannot be said about Morocco, Algeria, etc." Speaking of cooperation with Ethiopian Airlines, Miroshnikov added, "There is the Ethiopian Airlines, which is relatively powerful, respectable, and we have already started negotiations on cooperation with it. There will be meetings and talks in the coming months. We are preparing this flight."

Founded in 1992, Ukraine International Airlines has a fleet consisting of 45 airplanes. According to the Ukrainian National Commission for Securities and the Stock Market and the public register, UIA is 100% directly controlled by the Cypriot based Ontobet Promotions Limited.

Sources: Kyiv Post, Interfax-Ukraine

Image Source: Kyiv Post


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