Ethiopia: PM Launches National Initiative to Improve Investment Climate

Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed (PhD) launched a national initiative to improve Ethiopia’s investment climate. The office of the prime minister has stated that “the initiative is an integral part of Ethiopia’s Action Plan for Jobs.”

The PM’s office added, the national initiative will be instrumental in making Ethiopia a competitive place to start and grow business. Ethiopia’s over 100 million people need more jobs that create growth, and successful businesses and entrepreneurs are essential to drive such jobs growth. 

The national initiative, as it proceeds in its course of action, will identify over eighty different actions, which will be delivered across ten government agencies.

While the Prime Minister gives clear direction, the reform measures the initiative scores will be monitored by the Policy and Performance Unit of the PM’s Office, and Ethiopian Investment Commission will play a part by coordinating the process.

Source: Office of The Prime Minister of Ethiopia


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