East African E-Commerce Center Set in Ethiopia

east-african-ecommerceAddis Ababa is to house the East African e-commerce center. The e-commerce center, originally planned to be opened in Kenya, is changing its location to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, due to the benefits it can garner from the focus given to the innovation and technology center in Ethiopia.

The ongoing rapid development in technologies in Ethiopia, coupled with the higher number of flights Ethiopian Airlines handles with Addis Ababa as a hub, were also brought up as contributing factors to the decision for the move. While the private sector remains to be the main owner of the e-commerce center, the government will have a part to play by providing the necessary infrastructure, and the International Postal Union will lay down the network. Getahun Mekuria (PhD), Ethiopian minister of Innovation and Technology, after a discussion with Bishar Hussein, director general of International Postal Union, guaranteed that the Ethiopian government will provide the necessary infrastructure required to equip the center.

The center is expected to help African nations obtain important attention in the international market, and create 100 thousand new jobs in Ethiopia while doing so.

The East African e-commerce center is one of four such centers that are to be dedicated to different regions across the face of Africa.

Top Image: Mr. Hussein (left) and Mr. Getahun (PhD) inking the agreement

(Image source: Ministry of Innovation and Technology)

Source: Ministry of Innovation and Technology


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