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Ethiopia: The Federal Transport Authority Launches Electronic Service

The Federal Transport Authority announced last week that it had started electronic service (e-service) to deliver 18 online services.

Federal Transport Authority Director-General Abdissa Yadeta said the transport sector created social linkages and supported economic development, but delivering swift and modern service was challenging.

According to Communications and Information Technology State Minister Sisay Tolla, applying the electronic service will solve various customer related problems. According to the Minister, the service will also reduce direct human interaction, store documents properly, enhance transparency and accountability, simplify processes, increase productivity, and prevent corrupt practices.

About E-Services 

Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) are essential tools for electronic government of nations across the globe. The Ethiopian government is progressively working towards e-Government goal of IT enabling government service delivery (E-government). To this end, the government has undertaken different initiatives to use ICT as major tool for development agendas. One among those initiatives is the development of transactional eServices.

The eService system is designed to provide a common platform and generic tools for online transactional services. Using the system, government organizations render electronic public services to citizens, non-citizens, businesses, and governmental and non-governmental organizations.

To file a service request, a citizen should login using his/her account or can register to the system to get a user account and continue with his/her application. After locating the electronic form for a particular public service, the citizen fills out all mandatory fields, uploads documents, and submits the request after reviewing for error correction.

After submission of a request, the system generates automatic application reference number for the citizen for to track their application status. The tracking number is used to track the status of the user applications, taking appointments for visit, and also is used to submit any additional supporting documents and information that has been requested by the service provider in the middle of the process so as to finalize the service provision.

Source: Ethiopian News Agency and