Ethiopia: ELFORA’s Farm Torched

Protesters burnt down corn farm owned by ELFORA Agro-Industries PLC, subsidiary of MIDROC Group. The farm was located in West Arsi Zone, Oromia State, Ethiopia. According to Fortune, the farm was torched on November 9, 2017 an hour after mid night.

Team delegated by the company had visited the farm the day after it was burnt down to check the condition of the property and the employees.

The same incident happened 9 months ago in the same zone, West Arsi Zone.

“It is not surprising to see such attacks in our Zone,” Dubee Dhabatoo, a commander-in-chief at Arsi Zone Police Commission, said. “The farmland is bounded by a forest used as a garrison camp by the protesters to take on a sudden attack.”

Following the attack the police commission disclosed it has arrested 51 individuals that were suspected of carrying out the attack. “An investigation is underway to identify those who vandalised the farms and hold them accountable for their acts,” said Dubee.

On the same day, a joint venture chip wood plant in Arrerti, Menjar Zone, Amhara State, was burned down to ashes by anti-government protestors. The plant was set up by an investment of 80 million Birr.

The past 1 year saw similar protest breaking out and damaging investments in Amhara and Oromia states. Saygin Dima Textile S.C, Shang Dong Donkey Abattoir, Condor Farms and Simbo Beach Resort Langano were among the victims.

Source: Fortune

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