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National Oil Ethiopia Expands Aviation Operations

The National Oil Corporation (NOC), in collaboration with Q8Aviation, has expanded its aviation activities in Ethiopia by launching jet fuel services at Gambella and Assosa airports.

The new operations at Gambella and Assosa airports are an important step in NOC’s long term plans to expand its aviation business according to Shisema Shewaneka, Chief Operation Officer of NOC.

It was noted that the location of Gambella and Assosa airports on the border with South Sudan could mean that the new fuel services offered by NOC will prove beneficial for the economic relations between the two countries.

The expertise Q8Aviaition has in the area of fuel operations play a significant role in enabling NOC to provide high quality service said Shisema.  

Q8Aviaiton partners with NOC to provide support to the corporation’s aviation operations in a range of areas including technical and sales services. Q8Aviaition has supported NOC since it launched its initial refueling facilities at Bole International Airport, Addis Ababa in 2010 said Nick Nigel Marker Development Manager for Q8Aviation.

Q8Aviaition is happy with the partnership it has with NOC because of the strong commitment and professionalism exhibited by the Corporation according to Nic Mason, Technical Services Manager for Q8Aviaition.

Q8Aviation is a world leading marketer of aviation fuel.  It supplies jet fuel to airlines at more than 50 airports worldwide as well as providing technical services to various organizations including major oil companies.

Q8Aviaition is part of Kuwait Petroleum Corporation which is one the largest oil producers in the world.

Source: prnewswire