Total Ethiopia to Launch Solar Powered Gas Station

Total Ethiopia has initiated a solar powered gas station in the Djibouti corridor according to Haile Eyesus Communications and Public Affairs Manager of Total. The gas station will be the first solar powered station in East Africa he said.

Total selected the Diciotto area for constructing the gas station because it is a busy section that has high temperatures and sunshine.

Dicotto was utilized two generators previously but now generates power from solar panels during the day and the power supply from the Ethiopian Electric Power Corporations as back up explains Haile.

The solar batteries provided for the gas station can supply power for 12 hours he said.  

The Total Ethiopia board will approve the launch of other solar gas stations after the Diciotto station has been inaugurated.

The Diciotto solar powered gas station was constructed at a cost of 900,000 thousand birr.

In related news Total Ethiopia has introduced a new program called ‘Condoms and Kerosene.’ The program will be conducted in partnership Ethiopia in a business coalition against HIV/AIDS for a period of 100 days.

Total Ethiopia has an estimated 186 service stations in Ethiopia reaching 90 percent of the urban population. More than 70,000 people purchase kerosene from Total Ethiopia stations on a daily people. Total Ethiopia estimates that 80 percent of Ethiopian households use kerosene.

Source: Capital


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