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Swedish Delegation to Visit Ethiopian Textile

Representatives from four Swedish companies are scheduled to visit Ethiopian textile factories. The delegation will visit the factories in Addis Ababa and Tigray for three days starting from the 2nd of November.

The representatives will visit the Ethiopian factories with a view towards finding textile suppliers and to purchase cotton garments according to Madeline Rosberg Chief Executive of Responsify AB, in charge of organizing the Swedish trade trip.

Some of the Swedish companies are involved in all stages of the textile industry from raw cotton to ready made garments while others buy fabrics to make the end garments she said.

The delegation is coming to Ethiopia following a presentation of Ethiopian textile organized by Responsify AB at a   seminar held in Sweden in August.

The companies have also chosen to come to Ethiopia because the two countries have a history of bilateral relationship said Rosberg. Ethiopia’s potential in terms of land area and logistics for cotton development and the government’s efforts to support the textile industry is also an additional element in their choice she noted.

The representatives plan to meet with government officials and visit the Textile Industry Development Institute in addition to visiting the two regions where Ethiopian textile factories are located.

The delegation consists of representatives from some of the largest retail companies in Sweden according to Rosberg. The visit could afford Ethiopian textile factories an opportunity to exhibit their potential to compete with established companies in Europe and Asia she said.

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