Ethiopian Sugar to Raise Sugar Output

The Ethiopian Sugar Corporation announced plans to raise national sugar production from 300 thousand to 2.25 million tonnes annually. The corporation has begun extensive efforts towards increased sugar production according to Yilma Tibebu Corporation Public Head.

Expansion projects have begun at Metehara, Wonji Shoa, Methera sugar factories to increase sugar production according to Yilma. The increase in production hopes to meet demands for sugar in the local market as well increasing exports to the global market.

It is expected that nine new sugar factories, in addition to the Tendaho Sugar Development Project, will be constructed in various regions of the country during the coming five years he said.

The new factories will be built in Oromia, Amhara, Tigray and Southern Regional states. Sugarcane plantations will also be developed in these regions. It is expected that 200,000 hectares of land will be made available in these areas for sugarcane plantations to meet the demands of the existing factories and the new ones.

A study has shown that approximately 500 thousand hectares of land is potentially suitable for sugar cane plantations at the national level.  It is anticipated that sugar cane productivity will increase to 155 tonnes per hectare in the coming five years.

The Ethiopian Sugar Corporation stated that it aimed to reach its set targets by the end of the five year national Growth and Transformation Plan.  

Source: Ethiopia Press Agency