Ethiopia: Addis Received Modern Navigation System

In Ethiopia, getting from one place to another is primarily based on personal knowledge of a location and known landmark names. If unfamiliar with the area, it takes several steps and time to inquire about your destination wasting valuable time. Though there is merit in knowledge, time efficiency can be significantly improved using current navigation technologies to make a better use of one’s time. That is where the E-Adrasha navigation platform comes in, the first of its kind navigation system in Ethiopia.

E-Adrasha’s navigation system is designed for use by businesses, the public, as well as government entities with the aim of reducing travel/transit time. The system provides two types of services: a navigation system and location information. The navigation system provides directions with real-time driving navigation routes, with traffic updates and travel time making your travel time more efficient. The location information provides specific points of interest such as businesses, hotels, and tourists attractions.

E-Adrasha works through inputting your search query directly from our homepage to the locations or type of establishment. Your results will display as a combination of address listings, and a full-screen map display with all the points indicated by relevant category markers. For custom directions, you can also directly go to the map from the manually drop your start and end points on the map providing you with turn by turn directions.

Addis Ababa being home to more than 120 international missions and embassies, African Union and the UN Economic Commission for Africa (UNECA), and tourists’ attractions, the value and need of a navigation system is more than ever essential to bring Addis Ababa and Ethiopia to the future.

In the long term, E-Adrasha aims to further empower customers and businesses through providing a platform for delivery of services and goods. Stay Tuned!

About E-Adrasha, E-Adrasha was formed in 2015 and has now provided the first of a kind routing ability for Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. It was started as a way to find faster and effiecent way to get around Addis Ababa. E-Adrasha is planning to add more areas to their routing abilities and add more functions to give its users better user experience.

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