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171,000 Tonnes of Coffee to Be Supplied by Southern Ethiopian State

The Southern Regional State will supply an estimated 171,000 tonnes of coffee to the central market this year according to the State Marketing and Cooperatives Bureau.  

This amount is more than that of the same period in the last fiscal year said Abraham Demissie Deputy Head of the State Bureau speaking at a workshop held in Hawassa. The revenue obtained exceeded that of the previous year by 122.5 million birr he said.


It is anticipated that a total of 290,000 tonnes will be harvested in the Southern Regional State this year explained Abraham. He pointed out that the total amount of coffee supplied to the central market last year was just over 75,440 tonnes.

In related news Agricultural and Rural Development Department in Arsi Zone announced that it has obtained more that 600 million birr of revenue from Coffee development in the previous fiscal year.

The Department explained that the revenue came from the sale of approximately 6,000 tonnes of coffee harvested in 14 Woredas of the Arsi zone. The quantity of coffee produced during the last fiscal year was 20% more than the volume produced in the previous reporting period according to the report from the department.  

190 million in revenue was also collected from the Benchi Maji Zone Cooperatives Department. The Benchi Zone supplied 2,486 tonnes of coffee to the central market this quarter.

Source Ethiopian News Agency