Ethiopia: Construction of 3 Industrial Parks Awarded for Chinese Companies

The construction of 3 industrial parks has been awarded to 3 different Chinese contractors by the Ethiopian Industrial Parks Development Corporation (IPDC). The construction of the parks is said to cost 10.5 billion Birr.

The industrial parks will be constructed in Addis Ababa and Jima. 2 of the parks will be in Ethiopia’s capital city while the other one will be in Jimma City. Addis Ababa will host Bole Lemi II and Kilinto industrial parks while Jimma will have Jimma Industrial Park.

The 3 contracts were signed by IPDC’s CEO, Sisay Gemechu, and the Chinese companies respective managers.

The construction of Bole Lemi II, which is expected to cost 3.5 billion Birr, is going to be undertaken by CGCOC and it is scheduled to be finalized in 12 months time. The consultant for this project is a South Korean firm, DOHWA. The park is said to be dedicated for textile and garment industry

The construction for the other industrial park in Addis Ababa, Kilinto Industrial Park, is awarded to CTCE and the cost is estimated to be 5.5 billion Birr with a delivery date set for 12 months. DOWHWA, the same South Korean firm, will be the consultant for the project. The park will be dedicated for pharmaceuticals and high-tech medical equipment.

The construction of JImma Industrial Park, on the other hand, is awarded to CCCC and the project is said to consume 1.5 billion Birr. The park will house textile and garment industries and the construction is scheduled to be completed by 9 months time.

Speaking after the sgning ceremony, Sisay explained 158 million USD loan secured from the World Bank would be used to finance Bole Lemi II and KIlinto industrial parks. These two projects are under one category and we followed the World Bank procurement procedures,” Sisay noted.

Source: The Reporter

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