Ethiopia: Mati Multiplex to Open Branches

Mati Mutiplex Cinema disclosed it intends to expand and open branches across major state cities in Ethiopia. New cinema branches are going to be opened in Adama, Hawassa, Dire Dawa and Gonder. This is in addition to the Mekele and Bahir Dar branches which the Mati Multiplex is currently operating.

The new 4 branches are expected to go operational in the coming months at an estimated outlay of 15 to 25 million Birr.

Tigray State’s capital, Mekele, was the first city to host the cinema’s branch chain with 35 millimeter movie screening cinema facility. Nonetheless, Bahir Dar is going to be the first to get 3D cinema facility next to the nation’s capital, Addis Ababa.

According to Yidnekachew Firew, the Cinema’s Marketing Head, Mati Multiplex has been screening movies in 35 millimeters screen since last month but the facility will now be upgraded to 3D. The 3D facility would be inaugurated next month with a ceremony, he furthered.

Source: The Reporter

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