Ethiopia and Israel Sign MoU

Ethiopia and Israel concluded Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to cooperate in the realms of culture, tourism, science and technology.

After the 2 countries signed the MoU respective prime ministers of the countries held a joint press conference. During the press conference the 2 leaders announced their respective government’s commitment to strengthen the historic relationship.

Speaking at the press conference Ethiopia’s Prime Minister, Hailemariam Dessalegn, said Ethiopia seeks Israel’s support regarding its efforts towards promoting science and technology mainly in the agriculture sector. He further explained Israel had showed interest to share its best practices and technologies in agriculture sector.

"Agriculture is the backbone of our economy. So we want to modernize our agriculture sector. Israel is ready to give its support to modernize our agriculture. We have agreed to cooperate on capacity building, technology transfer and experience sharing,” the Premier said.

Hailemariam also called on the investors that accompanied Benjamin Netanyahu, Prime Minister of Isreal, to see the opportunities Ethiopia present for foreign investors.

Netanyahu on his part affirmed his country’s enthusiasm to give the necessary support to Ethiopia in all sectors. "We have planned to be the technology powerhouse of the world. We need to share our experiences with African countries like Ethiopia. I would like to assure that Israel is ready to work with you in every sector," he noted.

Commenting on Israel’s assignment as observatory body to the African Union, Netanyahu expressed his pleasure and explained it will motivate his country to further support the African continent.

Source: Ethiopian News Agency

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