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Ethiopia’s Coffee Export Volume to Hit Record High

Ministry of Trade (MoT) disclosed Ethiopia might reach a record high volume of annual coffee export by the end of the current fiscal year. During the past 11 month Ethiopia exported 174,000 tons of coffee, which is 96 percent of the intended 180,000 tons.

According to Getahun Bikora, Coffee Marketing Director at the MoT, the performance surpasses last year’s same period by almost 12 percent. He furthered that he expects the amount of coffee exported will hit over 200,000 tons in a month.

According to Ethiopian News Agency (ENA), the achievement is attributable to the 4th International Coffee Conference (ICC) held in March 2016 at the capital of Ethiopia. Activities on creating awareness and combating illegal coffee marketing are other factors.

The director on the other hand explained the performance was attributable to key activities the government undertook; such as strengthening modern coffee marketing system, increasing production and productivity, creating favorable condition for coffee producers, traders, processors, exporters and service providers.

Ethiopia’s globally famous finest coffee brands are Harrar, Sidamo and Yirgacheffee. The country is the first in Africa and the 5th in the world in coffee production. It is also the third largest Arabica coffee producer from the globe.

Ethiopia’s coffee is mainly destined for the markets of Germany, Saudi Arabia and United States America. It is this same nations that Ethiopia earn highest revenues from the export of coffee.

Source: Ethiopian News Agency