Ministry Aspires to Build 2.4 Million Houses in Ethiopia

The Ministry of Urban Development and Housing (MoUDH) revealed its plan to build a total of 2.4 million houses at a national level in the second Growth and Transformation Plan (GTP-II) period yesterday at a three-day national conference, Fana Broadcasting Corporate reported.

The conference started off under the theme “My home My life” in the presence of 300 participants drown from construction companies, real estate developers and housing cooperative association.

Mr. Mekuria Haile, Minister of Urban Development and Housing, stated that the Ministry was considering various options to ensure a fair distribution of housing units in rural and urban areas as that they took valuable lessons from the first GTP.

The Minister further added that Housing Cooperative Associations, in particular, would be taken as the main choice to meet the housing demand at regional cities and to build housing units in towns where industrial parks are to be established. He asserted that cooperative associations had so far managed to build 120,000 houses across the country.

Participants at the conference are expected to discuss on rural housing development strategy, ways of meeting the housing demand in urban areas as well as on problems faced in the construction sectors and their solutions.

Source: Fana Broadcasting corporate

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