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Kenya’s Plan to Import Electricity from Ethiopia Boosted

Kenya’s Electricity Transmission Company stated that the import of cheap electricity from Ethiopia had progressed highly with the plan of constructing high voltage lines commencing in May, Fana Broadcasting Corporate reported.

The line covers 612 Kilometers to the Moyale Border and amounts to a total cost of Sh 129.12 Billion.

Fernandes Barasa, acting managing director, said that although they had finalized the preliminary design for the project, he cited some short falls.

The Electric transmission line between Kenya and Ethiopia passes through Marsabit, Samburu, Isiolo, Nyandarua and Nakuru.

Mr. Barasa further added that the contractors had been working freely without facing any difficulties from the community because they were being compensated for the land. He added that they had compensated all the structures falling on the Kenya-Ethiopia transmission line route. The 2,000MW power line should be complete by December 2018.

Ethiopia’s hydro generation potential of 45,000MW is more than enough to help Kenya in balancing its power mix.

Source: Fana Broadcasting Corporate