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Ethiopia to Construct 250,000 Condos in 20/80 Housing Scheme

The Addis Ababa Housing Development Project Office unveiled its plan to construct 250,000 condominium houses in the 20/80 housing scheme in the GTP II period.

Each Year, the Housing Development Office planned to build 40,000 houses in the GTP II period.

Haregot Alemu, Office Director General, told the Ethiopian Herald the Office planned to transfer 170,000 housing units to beneficiaries in GTP I period, yet it was not able to transfer 39,000 housing units due to unfinished work on infrastructural facilities.

The construction of these units currently has reached 92 percent and are expected to be handed over to beneficiaries this year, Haregot said.

In addition to those 50,000 housing units whose construction started a year ago, the administration is undertaking the construction of 40,000 condos the current year, he noted.

Source: Ethiopian Herald