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The 2016 African Livestock Exhibition, Congress to be Held in Ethiopia

Ethiopia is going to host the 2016 African Livestock Exhibition and Congress (ALEC) from January 22 to 24, 2016.

Haileselassie Wores, Ethiopian Meat and Dairy Industry Development Institute Director General, at a press conference he gave on January 13, 2016, said ALEC intends to create a platform that relates stakeholders from Africa and add value to the chain in the sector.

The exhibition also presents a good opportunity to joint venturing of businesses and help local industries to interact with others in the areas of trade and investment in the livestock sector.

More than 80 local and 20 international companies engaged in inputs and equipment supply, animal fattening, live animal trading, meat processing, poultry farming, dairy production and processing will participate at the Exhibition, the Director General stated.

There will be five organized conferences at the 2016 session of ALEC and 12 papers will be presented on issues related with commercial livestock production, animal health and standardization, animal feeding system among others.

Ethiopia has over 180 million livestock, including cattle, camel, poultry, goat and sheep.

Source: Ethiopian News Agency