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Ethiopia to Construct Dam Near Lake Beseqa

The Awash Basin Authority revealed plans on December 7, 2015, to construct a dam near Lake Beseqa at a cost of seven billion Birr.

Lake Beseqa and Awash River is going to be utilized for irrigation development and supply of drinking water, the Authority said.

It was indicated that the dam, which is 120 meter high, will have a capacity to hold 600 million cubic meters of water.

Belete Tafere, Basins and Climate Change Affairs Advisor to the Prime Minister, at the design evaluation meeting held on the construction of the dam in Bishoftu town said, in addition to supplying potable water and irrigation development, the dam could prevent the flooding caused by Awash River.

Getachew Gizaw, Director-General of Awash Basin Authority, said the dam is expected to boost irrigation development in the area from the present 20,000 hectares to 40,000 hectares.

Source: Ethiopian News Agency