AfDB Promises to Further Finance Ethiopia’s Infrastructure Development

African Development Bank (AfDB) said it would further extend its support to Ethiopia’s infrastructure sector and basic services, according to Ethiopian News Agency.

Ethiopia has been one of the largest beneficiaries of the Bank in areas of infrastructure development and basic services, Josephine Ngure, AfDB Country Manager, told journalists.

“Our partnership with Ethiopia is very strong, very collaborative,” Ngure stated.

The Bank has financed 118 projects in Ethiopia worth USD four billion in the past 40 years particularly on the expansion of infrastructure to improve access to market and service.

Fisseha Abera, International Financial Institutions Cooperation Director at the Ministry of Finance and Economic Cooperation, exhorted AfDB to extend further support to Ethiopia’s priorities and projects.

He has mentioned the Bank’s effort in developing the infrastructure sector of Ethiopia.

He also noted the Bank’s continued support in finance in areas of health, education, water supply, roads and other basic services has resulted in the expansion of basic necessities to the community at large.

Source: Ethiopian News Agency

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