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Ethiopia to Host 2016 World Coffee Conference

Ethiopia is to host the first World Coffee Conference in Africa, according to the Ministry of Trade.

Assefa Mulugeta, Export Trade Promotion Director at the Ministry, said Ethiopia is picked because of its significant contribution to the coffee industry in Africa.

Ethiopia will host the 2016 World Coffee Conference and Exhibition from February 21-28, 2016.

About 1,500 foreign and local coffee producers, exporters, buyers and researchers participate in the Conference. Coffee production, marketing, finance and environment protection are the matters to be discussed at the Conference.

Of the total 28 million Birr required to organize the Conference, Ethiopia will cover 15 million Birr and the remaining will be covered by sponsors, Assefa noted.

Before Ethiopia, England, Brazil and Guatemala hosted the three Conferences respectively.

World Coffee Conference will be held every four of five years.

Source: Ethiopian News Agency