Ethiopian Commodity Exchange Launches Online Trading System

ecxEthiopian Commodity Exchange (ECX) disclosed it has launched online trading system for marketers to engage in trade wherever they are.

The system started operation in July 2015. The online trading system intends to boost access to ECX and its services, build capacity of different stakeholders and increase efficiency.

For the time being the e-trading has been launched in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia but ECX has a plan to launch the service in Hawassa, Humera and Nekemte, trading centers to be established.

380 representatives and members after completing a certification exam and passing some preliminary screening are now certified to use the online trading system.

ECX started business in April 2008 with 100 members. It trades six types of commodities.

Source: Ethiopian News Agency

Exchange Rates

USD 47.7044  46.7690 
GBP 62.6190  61.3912 
EUR 55.3657  54.2801 
CHF 49.2995  48.3328 
CAD 34.9659  34.2803 
AED 11.7518  11.5214