Ethiopia Blends 12.5 Million Liters of Ethanol with Benzene

Ethiopia has blended 12.5 million liters of ethanol with benzene in the past fiscal year, according to the Ministry of Water, Irrigation and Energy.

Bezuneh Tolecha, Public Relations Head at the Ministry, told Walta Information Center (WIC) Ethiopia saved USD 10.2 million from the utilization of 12.5 million liters of blended ethanol with benzene.

Currently, Fincha and Metehara sugar factories are producing ethanol products and also six additional new sugar factories will start ethanol production in the coming fiscal year, Bezuneh stated.

Ethiopia blends 10 percents of ethanol with 90 percents of benzene for truck consumption through Nile Petroleum, Oilibya and NOC, Bezuneh elaborated.

Ethiopia began ethanol production in 2009 GC.

Source: Walta information Center

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