Southwest Technologies to Launch Data Center in Ethiopia

Southwest Technologies and its partners announced on Tuesday, May 3, 2014 they are ready to launch a data center in Ethiopia. The data center is expected to make Ethiopia the IT hub for Central Africa, according to The Reporter.

During the ceremony Tewdros Ashenafi, Chairman of Southwest Holding, said the move will enable Ethiopia to realize e-commerce, e-agriculture and many more sectors.

Dhaneshwar Damry, Chairman of Buhmishq Group, applauded the move by Southwest for it enables to develop the country’s information technology (IT) sector which in turn will accelerate the economy by being more competitive in the world.

Damry further noted the move will make Ethiopia the IT hub of Central Africa as Kenya is already stepping up its efforts to remain East Africa’s IT hub.  He added “IBM will remain fully committed to this project and this data center will be a model for the world”.

Source: The Reporter

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