Ethiopia: Private Sector Involvement on the Spot Light during Energy Ministerial

The two day US-Africa Energy Ministerial Meeting concluded yesterday emphasizing on private sector involvement, new approach for rural electrification, energy efficiency and how to continue working with Obama Power Initiative.

In a joint press conference Alemayehu Tegenu, Water, Irrigation and Energy Minister, said "the conference was very important for the continent. By hosting this conference as government of Ethiopia, we can say that we highl benefited. It was very successful".

Alemayehu also spoke of the issues that were discussed during the meeting. He said discussions were made on the issues of private sectors’ participation, new approach for rural electrification and energy efficiency.

According to the Minister, participants of the meeting assessed and explored with US Secretary of Energy, Ernest Moniz, on how to continue working with Obama Power Initiative.

On his part Moniz said, “We were very pleased that the collaboration was excellent. The meeting was extraordinarily successful. The Prime Minister’s presentation emphasizes the risks in Africa from climate change were well spoken”.

The meeting stressed on the tremendous resources in Africa's renewable resources, natural gas being developed strongly and oil as well.

Moniz further noted the issue of climate was well discussed for Africa’s clean energy resource should be developed.

Source: The Ethiopian Herald

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