Ethiopia: Aluto-Langano Geothermal Plant Expansion Project Launched

Expansion work on the Aluto-Langano Geothermal Power Plant launched on Wednesday, Ethiopian News Agency reported.

The US$30 million project will upgrade the plant's generating capacity to 70MW. Speaking on the occasion, Water, Irrigation and Energy Ministry Alemayehu Tegenu said, the expansion will boost the country's electricity supply from geothermal by 70MW by 2007 Ethiopian calender, from the current seven mega watts.

The expansion project will be financed by assistance from the government of Japan, the World Bank and the government of Ethiopia.

Kazuhiro Suzuki, Japanese Ambassador to Ethiopia said during the project launching, his country has provided US$10 million assistance to support the project.

Located in the Rift Valley Lakes Region, the Aluto Langano Geothermal Power Plant is the first Geothermal power plant in Ethiopia. The plant was established in 1998 as a pilot plant to test the geothermal resources in the area.

Covering an area of about 8km², various studies has indicated that up to 100MW electric can produced from the Aluto steam field, known to be one of the high temperature prospected area in the country, according to Ethiopian News Agency.

Source: Ethiopian News Agency

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