Amibara to Spray Anti-Pesticide on 80,000 ha Farmland in Ethiopia

Company plans to purchase an aircraft

Amibara General Aviation services announced that it was poised to spray anti-pesticide chemicals on 70,000 to 80,000 hectares of farmland for the summer season, Biniam Hirabo, aviation director, said yesterday.

Biniam said that the company would buy one more chemical spray aircraft for 450,000 dollars in addition to the five it bought three years back to reinforce its services.

Amibara General Aviation services, a subsidiary of Amibara Agricultural Development Plc, took over chemical spray service from Ethiopian Airlines a few years back. The company provides the same service to Sudan and is planning to expand it to other countries in East Africa, the director said.

Biniam said that the company was planning to start other services such as fighting wild fire and aerial photography.

Source: Walta Information Centre

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