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Pfizer Partners with Government of Ethiopia to Fight Counterfeit Medicines

Pfizer, the leading global health company reiterated its commitment to fighting counterfeit medicines by helping to build capacity of major stakeholders in the health sector including decision makers, by partnering with the Government of Ethiopia's regulatory agencies and through creating awareness by the use of media.

Pfizer also announced that it will launch products in its Cardio Vascular (CV) portfolio in response to the rising incidence of cardiovascular diseases in the country.

In his speech during a press briefing at the Hilton hotel on April 24, Dr. Enrico Liggeri, Country Manager, Nigeria and East Africa region (NEAR) described Ethiopia as the second largest market interest and focus of business expansion.

As part of its awareness campaign, Pfizer partnered with the AU to engage medical experts and created a platform to discuss current trends on cardiovascular diseases in the country.

Currently the company has engaged in International Trachoma initiative in Ethiopia and other NEAR markets.

In explaining Pfizer’s actions in involving in the community responsibly, Dr Jack Watters Vice President, External Medical Affairs explains; “Pfizer believes that our responsibility to patients goes beyond the medicine itself. This includes our work to help improve communication with patients and their families, regardless of their literacy levels, with the goal of improving health outcomes.We support healthcare professionals find new and better ways to empower patients to be partners in their care” said Dr.Watters.

Pfizer has also announced that it will cooperate with the Ethiopian academy of scienceswhich was launched in 2010 with the aim to provide Government with evidence-based scientific advice, encourage the development of science and technology in Ethiopia and help with science education which is recognised by the Government of Ethiopia as an important player in ‘Ethiopia’s renaissance’. The programme will be part of the Africa Academy of Sciences Partnership, a partnership program between Pfizer and The Royal Society which focuses on mentoring, training and program support for African national science academies in Ethiopia, Ghana and Tanzania.
“Our cooperation with Ethiopia Academy of Sciences (EAS) aims to strengthen evidence-based policy-making in Africa, inspire and engage the next generation of scientists in Africa and champion, promote and recognise excellence in African science” said Dr. Watters.

Pfizer’s support to the country goes further from its EAS cooperation by providing support to help end the suffering and the cycle of poverty caused by blinding trachoma by partnering with the World Health Organizations (WHO) in the International Trachoma initiative (ITI) in Ethiopia and other NEAR markets.

Source:  Press Release sent to by Saba Ermyas (PR/Media Cordinator) of 251 Communications, Mobile: +251913611096