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British Delegation Meets with Ethiopian Businesspeople

A delegation of British business people held talks with representatives of Ethiopia’s business sector to explore opportunities for commerce in both countries.

The delegation, made up of 10 representatives from London met with more than 30 Ethiopian business representatives.

The discussions held with the delegation from the UK will promote the flow of information, enhance knowledge development, promote the transfer of skills and technology and strengthen confidence for bargaining as well as removing barriers against business interaction according to Teferi Asfaw, Deputy Secretary General of the Addis Ababa Chamber of Commerce and Sectoral Associations.

A relationship between businesses in the two countries can be safe guarded on win-win terms he noted.

The meetings between the two groups were an opportunity to exchange ideas noted Ruma Deb, World Trade Executive for the London Chamber of Commerce.

The British delegates are interested in a diverse range of sectors including education, chemical, hi-tech equipment and medical supplies said Semhar Habtezion, International Trade Advisor for the London International Trade Team.

Ethiopian companies are expected to benefit from the discussions as it is an opportunity for the two groups to work together according to Semhar.

Source: Walta Info