Ethiopian Airlines to Sign Postal Service Agreement with South Sudan

Ethiopian Airlines, Ethiopia’s flag carrier, along side Kenyan Airlines is to sign an agreement South Sudan to provide postal services according to an official source.

The contracts with Ethiopian and Kenyan airlines will be signed in the near future according to Juma Stephen, Under-Secretary with the South Sudanese Ministry of Telecommunications and Postal Services.

The templates for the contracts are already in place and the signing can happen in a month’s time he said.

The two airlines will employ their international network to deliver mail allowing the new country to set up a postal system independent of Northern Sudan.

South Sudan currently relies on the Northern Sudanese foreign postal services which has meant that mail and packages are liable to be delayed by days or even weeks said Stephen.

South Sudan will also be setting up a postal center in Malakal in collaboration with the United Nations to allow communication between the north of the country and the capital.

Source: Reuters

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