GEDEB Engineering PLC

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Business Type Private
LocationNefas Silk, Gofa area in front of EELPA, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Primary CategoryAgro Inputs and Machinery
GEDEB Engineering PLC

Gedeb Engineering PLC (GEP) is a private limited company which was established and registered in 2005 as agricultural machinery and implements dealer of John Deere Agricultural Product line in Ethiopia.  It has accumulated a remarkable experience of agricultural machinery business over the last ten years and acquired a national reputation in supplying a wide range tractors, seeders, planters, sprayers, combine harvesters, loaders, trailers, generators, other farming equipment and implements.  

GEP is exclusive distributer of JOHN DEERE product line in the territory of Ethiopia. John Deere is one of the world's leading brands of agricultural machinery. Its products are the most productive, high quality and cost effective. GEP also provides agricultural machinery of other world famous brands like JCB, GRIMME, FLIEGL, POTTINGER and TATU. GEP hence offers world class, reliable agricultural machinery and equipment at very competitive price for farmers and other customers in Ethiopia

Apart from the above machinery, GEP distributes all Rivulis Irrigation, T-L Irrigation and Ocmis irrigator products.

GEP offers back up services to customers to ensure that they realize the benefit of the product purchased from the company. Training, maintenance/repair services and spare parts supply are given prime importance to support customers. It also provides pre-sale advice to customers on agricultural best practices. It supports potential customers in selecting appropriate machinery and equipment for their farm.

Though GEP is a young company, due to the knowledge of the farming community, the progressive after sales service, quality products and reasonable prices, it managed to penetrate the market in the entire part of Ethiopia. It has successfully achieved a big volume of sales of tractors and combines harvesters to a number of different organizations.  It is currently holding a significant share of the market available in the country competing with companies with a wide base rooted for years in the country.  

The achievements shown in the past years is a result of our effort made towards achieving the required standards set for dealership and   the support provided and follow up by our suppliers to meet the target set. Our progress has been reflected on the continuous improvement in infrastructure, facility, organization and process and human resources, and volume of sales and customer services. 


GEP is registered in Ethiopia in October 2005 with Ministry of Trade and Industry with License No 5229/98 and with a register capital of one million Birr. GEP is owned entirely by Engineer Chombe Seyoum and his Wife Sirgut Engidawork.


  • Vision

Our vision is to become the first choice in marketing the highest quality agricultural equipment and providing superior product support.

  • Mission

    •  Provide agricultural machinery, implements and irrigation equipment that combines quality performance with value pricing thereby increasing quality and productivity in the agricultural sector of the country
    •  Provide reliable and efficient technical back-up services (training, maintenance and spare part)
    •  Provide product information and technical advice to the farming community
  • Value:

GEP core values are customer-oriented, honest, quality and commitment.  These values guide everything we do and enable us to make a positive difference

    •  We are a customer-oriented company and believe in developing strong, positive and long lasting relationships with all our partners.
    •  We are honest and fair with suppliers, customers and colleagues
    •  We are dedicated towards providing goods and services of excellent quality with a competitive prices to our entire client base
    •  We are working with strong commitment to ensure the expectations of the customers


To serve its objectives, GEP is organized under five departments namely Sales, Parts, Service and Training, Irrigation, and Finance and Administrations departments. Total of 42 personnel are organized under these departments.  
GEP also organized IT support to enhance the efficiency and the quality of its services.


GEP is involved mainly on distributing and after sales services of John Deere agricultural machinery including:

    •    Agricultural tractors & Heavy duty special scraper tractors
    •    Seeders and Planters
    •    Sprayers,
    •    Combine harvesters
    •    Cotton pickers
    •    Cane harvesters
    •    Cane Grab loaders
    •    Agricultural tractor loaders
    •    Ejector Scrapers
    •    Rectangular Balers
    •    Mower Conditioners
    •    Agricultural & construction trailers
    •    Agricultural TOPCON LASER Equipment’s

GEP is also importer and distributor of agricultural machinery of other world famous brands like:-

    •  JCB Agricultural loadalls, Backhoes, Forklifts and Generators,
    •  GRIMME Potato Planters and Potato Harvesters,
    •  FLIEGL trailers,
    •  POTTINGER semi-mounted ploughs and
    •  Brazil Origin TATU implements : Disc Ploughs, Disc Harrows, Planters, Seeders, Spreaders ...etc

Believing in a full package service in the agricultural industry, GEP also imports and distributes Rivulis Irrigation, T-L Irrigation and OCMIS Irrigation product lines that include:

    •  Rivulis Drip Irrigation and accessories
    •  Rivulis Sprinkler Irrigation and accessories
    •  Ocmis Hose Reel Irrigators and accessories
    •  T-L Center Pivot Irrigation and accessories


Back-up service is main priority and focus area of Gedeb Engineering.  The well-trained manpower and fully equipped service departments are capable to meet the service requirement for its products. GEP provides the following after-sale services for its products

    •  Training
    •  Warranty Service
    •  Maintains /Repair
    •  Supply of spare parts

The company provides pre-sale advice to customers on agricultural best practices. It works to support potential customers in selecting appropriate machinery and equipment for their farm

  • Training

GEP provides training on its product to customers' operators and mechanics both at the customers’ sites and at our Addis Ababa Training Centre. Full orientation and demonstration is given on the proper operation, care and maintenance of the machines, irrigation system and equipment before any of them are put into operation.

Based on the demands/inquiries, special training programs can be arranged on the company product.

  • Warranty Service

Warranty covers failures due to defective materials or original workmanship of components.  GEP will fix these failures during the warranty period.


GEP works to support customers ensuring they realize the benefits of their investment in GEP product. It provides its customer with most efficient and effective service to minimize machine down time.  The workshop is equipped with all modern diagnosis instruments and technical personnel who have the technical knowledge and capability required to undertake any maintenance works.  A continuous effort has been made to enhance the customer satisfaction.  The quality of service rendered in the sector comes from the perceived quality at the dealer ship.  Customers can rely on GEP service to keep their machines running.

    •     Irrigation Equipment maintenance

The company is well-equipped to do major overhauls of the irrigation equipment on site as well.  The experienced engineers and technicians in the sector have schedules for routine visits at customer's irrigation system sites to see if the system operates as planned and offer solutions if problems detected.

  • Spare Parts Supply  

Gedeb has setup one of the biggest spare parts stocks store in the country for fast and medium moving spares to satisfy the requirements of its customers. In its central store at Gofa and parts depot in Bale Zone, we have been supplying parts to all our customers adequately and timely. Gedeb can arrange an emergency import by air from the John Deere parts depot in Germany and South Africa within 72 hours.


The company has well-motivated workforces who are knowledgeable, skilled and ethical with rich experiences on agricultural machinery to give all the necessary technical support.  GEP has a total of 42 staff.  The staff comprises civil engineers, mechanical engineers, irrigation engineers, auto-mechanics, irrigation installation technicians, surveyor, CAD experts and other support staff to meet the needs of its customers.  
The staffs of the company are given regular trainings to update them with the latest technological developments.  We believe this force can make big difference in our business.

The Management Team is comprised of experienced business professionals from Engineering, marketing, management and accounting fields. They have a wide-ranging knowledge and experience in the field of Agriculture, extensive farming and administrative skills.
The team includes Engineer Chombe Seyom owner and Managing Director, who has an extensive experience in managing commercial farm and agricultural mechanization operations. The other members of the team also have an excellent and traceable record as agricultural machineries sales manager and product support manager.

Because the leaders are proactive and influential, the company achieve competitive advance at its young stage.


GEP has two prime properties with a combined area over 2500sqm in Addis Ababa which is used as sales and after sales service facilities. The head office (own property) is located in Nifas Silk Lafto sub-city, Woreda 06 in Gofa area in front of EELPA. It comprises a fully equipped maintenance workshop with 7 bays. Spare part store of 700 cubic meters with thousand line items & training class room, offices and bonded warehouse. The workshop is equipped with all modern diagnostic instruments to carry out maintenance works on site with its well trained and technical personnel.  
The company has adequate field vehicles for facilitation of services on site.


GEP has accumulated a remarkable experience of AG machinery business over the last ten years and acquired a national reputation in supplying good quality tractors, combine harvesters, farm machinery and implements. Though it is a young company, due to the knowledge of the farming community, proven after sales service, quality products and reasonable prices, it managed to penetrate the market in the entire part of Ethiopia. It has successfully achieved a big volume of sales of tractors and combine harvesters to a number of different organizations.  It is a market leader holding a significant market share of the market available in the country.  


GEP has a reputation for honest dealing, professional conduct, and excellent customer service. It works hard to earn and maintain this outstanding reputation for service to customers throughout the country. Company’s tractors are very much common among farmers in Ethiopia because of long lasting with minimum amount of maintenance. Trusted famous brands, expert dealership skills, and a huge range of reliable products make GEP a valuable partner for farmers, sugar factories and agricultural enterprises in the country.  


We are active in the community in which we work and do business.  We are proud to have sponsored a number of social events and community organizations  


To meet an ever growing demand for agricultural machinery from all directions of the nation, we plan    

  • Opening Branches     

We plan to open branches at Adama-Nazreth, Arbaminch and Bahir Dar in 2016, 2017 and 2018 respectively to provide our services closer to the destination of our customers.

  • Establishing Assembly Plant

GEP has a plan to establish an assembly plant which will be engaged in assembling of John Deere agricultural machinery by importing semi Knocked down components in 2017. By doing so, the company can achieve an advantages in shortening delivery time and reducing pricing. Plant is capable of assembling two units of tractors per day.


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