Jiituu Computer and Stationery

Phone +251 118 23 39 34
Mobile +251 917 04 64 69
Mobile 2 +251 939 72 22 32
LocationBole Road, Friendship Mall, Ground Floor, Room Number-025, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Primary CategoryComputer & Accessories
Jiituu Computer and Stationery

Jiituu Computer and Stationery is a provider of computers and computer accessories for government, non-governmental, and individual customers, including UPS, printers, scanners, photocopy machines, toners and inks, duplication machines, cables, networking materials, surveillance camera materials, basic external computer hardware components, mouse, speakers, headphones, and stationery materials in Ethiopia.

Jiituu Computer and Stationery's mission is to provide quality products at reasonable prices to our customers. By demonstrating sound and ethical business practices, we will strive to exceed our customers' expectations. We want to build a successful partnership with professionals, customers, and suppliers that respects each party's interests and goals.

We participate in National Competitive Bids (NCB) for networking equipment, security equipment, computers and computer products, communication material supplies, stationery materials, and any imported goods on behalf of our company.

The market segmentation strategy is based on the fact that the target groups have distinct purchasing patterns. Whole sale distributors make large and frequent purchases. The remaining target groups are more likely to make fewer but larger purchases.

We will communicate to wholesale distributors about forming a partnership and becoming affiliated companies. And we expect to fully capitalize on the trends described in the market segment strategy above, and try to penetrate the market with new strategies and techniques.

Jiituu Computer and Stationery's management philosophy is based on professionalism, respect for every customer, individual responsibility, and information technology-oriented actions. We believe in listening to our customers' feedback and doing our best to meet all of their needs. 

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Our Keys to Success 

To succeed in this business, we must: 

  • Provide quality products.
  • Provide excellent and superior customer service.
  • Use the untamed potential of professionals.
  • Charge a fair and competitive price.
  • Monitor the competitive environment to ensure differentiation.
  • Deliver our products promptly.
  • Build a Good Reputation
  • Engage in Research and Development (R & D) in order to constantly be able to offer better and greater products and services.

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The Management Team

We rely on experts, particularly certified IT specialists, market professionals, and other key management personnel. The following is a summary of the management team's educational background.


Name of the staff


Educational Back Ground


Gamechis Minkefu

General Manager

  • BA in accounting
  • Diploma in Accounting
  • Cisco certified


Agitu Minkefu (PhD Candidate)

Deputy Manager

  • MSc. In Development Economics
  • BA. Degree in Economics


Addis Ketema

Field  assistance Manager

  • BSc degree in computer science


Kebena Bekele

IT Expertise and team leader

  • BSc degree in computer science


Chaltu Demelash

ICT Bid Manager

  • BSC in Information Computer science


Gadise Minkefu

Sales Manager

  • Masters of Business Administration
  • BA in Economics


Mulugeta Amsalu

Admin and Logistics Head

  • BSc in computer science


Our main goal is to provide original and quality products to increase our customers' satisfaction!

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