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LocationAfrica Avenue (Bole Road) Tropical Mall (Next to Ramada Hotel), 11th Floor, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Primary CategoryFinance Adviser

With a network spanning 164 countries worldwide, BDO is the 5th largest global network of public accounting firms. Our seamless global approach allows us to serve clients through a central point of contact, granting access to relevant experience across borders where and when our clients need us.
BDO in East Africa was established some 26 years ago in 1997 as DCDM. By 2010 the firm was renamed BDO East Africa.
Today, BDO’s entrepreneurial spirit lives on, and the firm continues its history of growth as it expands across the country. Yet, no matter how large we become, we will continue to remain united under a common purpose: helping people thrive, every day.

Over the past 10 years, our firm has undergone expansion in terms of size and revenue. In a relatively short period of time, it has established itself as one of the leading providers of investment advisory, corporate finance, tax, and management consulting services in the country.
At BDO in Ethiopia, we thrive on growth and continuous learning. We follow up on developments in all sectors of business and investment operations to ensure timely decision-making, continual improvement, and sustained success of our clients.

The collaborative, cross-disciplinary, international team
BDO is not an alliance of disparate independent firms, but a single network of member firms with qualified teams with a wide range of skills and expertise working collaboratively to serve our clients.

Active partner involvement
BDO lacks the bureaucratic hierarchy and multiple layers of the larger organizations. This equates to a direct and swift turnaround for complex questions and issues. We have built our reputation on a service-oriented business philosophy and demonstrated commitment to quality, reliability, and responsiveness.
Our staff-to-partner ratio, one of the lowest in the industry, assures you receive extensive partner involvement.

Commitment to Quality
BDO in Ethiopia is fully compliant with the quality control provisions of the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) in the scope of Professional Services in the areas of Tax, Business Advisory, and Business Services Outsourcing (ISO 27001), and Quality Management System (ISO 9001:2015).

Going the extra mile
We aim to anticipate our clients’ immediate needs as well as understand their long-term ambition to provide continuous, innovative, and up-to-date thinking for practical and commercially valuable advice to our clients.

BDO is comprised of high-performing, ambitious professionals who are dedicated to creating an engaging work environment that thrives on teamwork, leadership, and curiosity to give our clients quality results and an exceptional experience.
At BDO, our organization’s activities and decisions are guided and based on our core values:
Integrity, Teamwork, Effective Communication, Reliability, and Responsibility



Throughout the engagement, we integrate technologies to continue to enhance our effectiveness and audit quality, as well as your experience and value. You will have the benefit of the following technologies:

A central, secure location for all engagement material and associated collateral to enhance your overall relationship and communications with BDO, one portal for all BDO engagements:

        • Organize:  project management and workflow tools to ensure mutual accountability for items coming or past due
        • Analytics:  provides interactive data visualization, tailored to your engagement
        • Exchange:  secure sharing of engagement collateral for evaluation, interrogation, and acceptance
        • Documents:  providing an online collaboration space for BDO and our clients to work together in real-time on documents while maintaining version control
        • Insights: 24/7 access to BDO thought leadership

Exchange is designed to ensure ‘engagement readiness’

        • Enables workflow for scheduled requests, receipt, interrogation, inquiry, and acceptance (or rejection) of engagement collateral
        • Highly interactive and visual to track requests that are coming due and past due, by accountable parties and by audit area
        • Provides oversight of how the audit is progressing and accessing the latest information which may be helpful to you and your business
        • Ensures BDO is using the correct file version by allowing BDO to accept a request, which ultimately locks down the version for ultimate control. If you add new files the request status reverts to open, and we know a new file has been added for review

Organize is designed to ensure ‘engagement readiness’

        • Provides oversight of how the engagement is progressing and accessing the latest information for you and your business
        • Track milestones and tasks, to ensure the engagement is on course
        • Multiple data visualizations, client dashboards, project dashboards, calendar view, and heat maps
        • Set custom notifications based on your preferences

Our Services
Advisory Services
Our insights into a rapidly changing business environment and exposure in areas such as finance, risk management, compliance, information technology, operations, and human resources enable us to identify and assist management in implementing initiatives to save costs in the operations, improve management control and performance, manage risk, and deliver enhanced financial effectiveness.
Our deliverables include practical, value-adding recommendations that improve processes and procedures when benchmarked against international best practices.
Our services in the advisory include:

        • Corporate governance advice
        • Enterprise risk management solutions
        • Internal audit design and implementation
        • Technology risk assurance
        • Quality assurance reviews
        • Business continuity and disaster management solutions
        • Compliance reviews (including legal, statutory, and international best practices benchmarking)
        • Internal audit services - outsourced and/or co-sourced

We have a strong international network of tax specialists who can enhance your business by anticipating the strategic opportunities and risks that may impact your tax and financial situation.
Our team will keep you abreast of proposed tax law and regulation changes as they pertain to your operations, helping to ensure that you remain tax-compliant. We can assist in structuring your business in a tax-efficient way, helping you put in place effective strategies to manage your tax rate and transfer pricing risk.
Some of our specialist tax services include:
Tax investigations

        • Capital gains tax
        • Corporate tax compliance (including registration, completion, and submission of company tax returns)
        • Employee’s tax
        • Expatriate tax
        • Individual tax
        • Transfer pricing
        • Value-added tax

Corporate Finance
Our corporate finance professionals deal with the financial operations and structures of our customers to successfully meet their business goals. Our team works closely with our business assurance and tax teams to ensure our work is well coordinated and planned. We strive to provide our clients with advice across all disciplines.
Services we offer in this area include:

        • Mergers and acquisitions
        • Financial and operational due diligence
        • Valuing, negotiating, and structuring deals
        • Development of exit strategies and divestments
        • Valuations
        • Due Diligence Reviews
        • Business restructuring
        • Capital raising
        • Investigations and reporting accountants’ reports
        • Stock exchange listings, and sponsor services
        • Lead advisory work including fair and reasonable opinions
        • Management buy-outs and buy-ins
        • Employee share schemes

Forensic Services
Our expertise covers the full range of Forensic, Risk & Compliance Services including:

        • Forensic Investigations
        • Fraud Risk Assessments
        • Third-Party Risk Assessments
        • AML/CFT Compliance Services
        • Forensic Due Diligences (pre- & post- acquisition)
        • Anti-Bribery & Corruptions Services
        • Corporate Intelligence Services (background checks)
        • Forensic & Internal Audit Capacity Building
        • Governance Reviews
        • Pre- & Post-Grant-Assessments (including Fiduciary Due Diligence)
        • Forensic Technology Services (including eDiscovery)

Address: Africa Avenue (Bole Road) Tropical Mall (Next to Ramada Hotel), 11th Floor Bole Sub City, Wereda 03, PO Box 14001, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Telephone: +251 11 663 1196
Fax: +251 11 665 1205

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