BITMAS General Trading PLC

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LocationRas Desta Damtwe St. NTO Building, 3rd floor, No 20 and our shop is located behind Commercial College, Mezid Plaza Building Ground Floor, 001
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BITMAS General Trading PLC

 BITMAS General Trading PLC is an Ethiopian importer and supplier of Welding Consumables, Industrial Gases, Power tools, Safety items, machineries and spare parts. The company imports anything according to customers demands. The company was established as a general importer in 2008GC.

BITMAS has been importing electrical cables and wires from Turkey (OZGUVEN) and welding electrodes, wires and rods from the Netherlands, welding machines from Germany. Furthermore, we import and supply argon, nitrogen, acetylene and other gases in a large quantity.


BITMAS is also sole agent of welding electrodes, wires and rods of a Dutch (the Netherlands) company called HILCO HILARIOUS HAARLEM HOLLAND BV.

We relate to our local customers mostly through big local and international tenders. We have been working with most of the big industries in Ethiopia such as the sugar factories, Ethiopia Airport Enterprise, Geological Survey of Ethiopia, Mesfin Industrial Engineering, quality and standard Authority, Mugher Cement factory, Metal Engineering Corporation,  just to name a few…

BITMAS General Trading is a visionary company in that, it now growing to be an international company working with well reputed international traders and manufacturers of industrial items. Our major wining factors are the quality of products we provide to the local industry, and the customer relationship we always thrive to maintain.

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