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SCORE Training and Consulting PLC

SCORE Training and Consulting PLC


Corporate Profile

SCORE Training and Consulting is established in 2022. the firm is founded by five sustaining competitive and responsible enterprises (SCORE) productivity Trainers and experts. The primary goal is the effective implementation of SCORE Training which combines classroom training with in-factory consulting.

About us

We specialize in productivity and quality improvements in manufacturing industries and service sectors. We provide technical and soft skill training for those sectors to enhance their competitiveness and enable them to exceed the requirements of customers. 

We provide training and consulting in different sectors and regions. Sectors SCORE has implemented are textile and garment, leather, agro-processing, furniture, packaging, chemical industries, metal industries, and service-giving industries.

We are working with national and international organizations to equip our experts with knowledge and skills. The knowledge we receive is being used for consulting and transferring it to the service-providing, manufacturing, and service industries. We value a decent working environment, and good working conditions and promote gender equality.


To be the leading training, consultancy, and business development service provider in East Africa by the year 2027.


To build long-term relationships with customers and clients and provide exceptional customer services by pursuing business consultancy through innovation and advanced technology in the quality management system especially SCORE modules and Kaizen while at the same time discharging social and environmental responsibilities.

Core values 

      • Growing through creativity
      • Enhancing Innovation and Cooperation
      • Customer-focused service
      • Quality first
      • Continuous learning
      • Respect and transparency
      • Sense of belongingness
      • Integrity honesty, and
      • Priority to business ethics


It is an operational excellency firm focusing on those basic areas.

      • Organizational strategy development and consulting
      • Soft and technical skill training
      • Consultancy service in quality & productivity areas
      • Industrial engineering & production management
      • Research and impact assessment
      • Mentoring and coaching
      • Safety and environmental protection

What makes us different?

We understand the working culture, inherent technologies, and applicability of the training. As a result, the customization of training materials that considered the trainee's capability to implement the technologies, language, and working conditions enables us to work under different conditions. We are the best fit for your needs in your journey to continual improvement. just call us; we will listen to you and come to you with inspired ideas for your own management and employees.

List of training we can provide

      • Workplace cooperation
      • Lean management
      • Project Risk Management
      • Project management
      • Material management
      • Material Handling
      • Management and leadership skill training
      • Production Management
      • Human Resource Planning
      • Managing employee communication system
      • Strategic planning
      • Total Quality Management
      • Teamwork
      • Intermediate kaizen training such as Toyota Production System, Total Productivity Maintenance, Standard operation procedure
      • Basic Kaizen Training cooperation such as 5S, Quality control circle, MUDA, 7 QC tools
      • Hazardous substance control (HSC) and chemical management
      • Fire Marshal, Safety and Security training
      • Social compliance management and social compliance audit training
      • Lean Manufacturing and Benchmark training
      • Quality system
      • Social and Environmental sustainability
      • Industrial Environmental Management and Cost Minimization
      • Cleaner Production
      • Quality management System Training(ISO 9001:2015)
      • Environmental management system(ISO 14001:2015)
      • Auditing management system(ISO 19011: 2018)
      • Chemical assessment and management
      • Occupational Health and Safety training


1achieveAround 80 enterprises implemented SCORE, among them 11 enterprises implemented OSH and around 10 enterprises benefited from the women's leadership development program



2achieveAround 240 performance improvement committees and natural teams established in the enterprises identify performance improvement areas



3achieWomen enhanced their capability at the workplace through technical and soft skill training, Mentoring, and coaching in the program of women leadership development program.



4achiThe quality management and SOP practices enabled operators to upgrade their skills to do the right thing the first time.



Business Address:- Lideta, MB Business Center, 6th floor, 603
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