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Ethio Air Travel and Events

Ethio Air Travel and Events is a leader in Tour and event organizing services in Ethiopia. Established in 2010 in Ethiopia and engaged in tour operation, travel, and car rental services, air ticket seller for different air lines, visa consulting, event organizing and training, local and international employment agency service and also in apartment rental services.

We have established relationships in the travel industry that enable us to offer you special offers and amenities you won’t find anywhere else—even online.

We will be there for you if anything unexpected occurs on your trip.
We have the education and the experience to ensure you enjoy exceptional travel experiences throughout your lifetime.

"Live life with no excuses, Travel with no Regret.”

Tour and Travel

  • Historical areas
  • Natural resources
  • Cultural events
  • festivals
  • Hotel Reservation
  • car rent

Air Tickets

  • Ethiopian Airline
  • Package offers (Travel)
  • Visa Applications
  • Fly Emirates
  • Turkish Airline
  • Visa Counsulting


  • Special Travel
  • Event Organizing
  • Galileo Apartment
  • Student Scholarship
  • Trainings


  • International employments and Local employments


We're now hiring 


Customer Service Representative

Warehouse Workers

Procurement Coordinator

Event Stafff

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facebook page: Ethio Airs International Employement

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0930329045, 0910431694

We have deals with different car rental companies. Most of them deliver their cars at the airport as far as the car rental is ordered before their flights' arrivals.

Our clients who already our great service on employment are our all time witnesses. Many companies prefer Etho Airs Travel Tour Agency and Event Organizer to get our immediate response on employment. Many employees who one time were job seekers tell their satisfaction in their settled jobs..

Stop your usual many trials with failure in finding jobs abroad. We make it easy for you.


Scholarship is easy as far as you got good educational background. Perhaps, we do fast finishing on your scholarship processes. Imagine the longest and irritating search those ended up without success. It is our specialty to find you colleges and universities abroad for travel and field of study.


We provide different types of training such as Galileo, Business Management, Customers service, project management, and languages such as English, French, Arabic, and Spanish


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