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LocationKazanchies, Enat Building 8th floor, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
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MAE Consulting

MAE Consulting, formed in 2015 and comprised of architects, planners, engineers, and interior designers, is an emerging independent domestic design and engineering category I full-service firm in Ethiopia.

The company founder, managing director, and lead architect, Misikir Agizew, started the firm with a few young, accredited professionals dashing to be a premium transnational icon in sustainable architecture and engineering services.

MAE Consult believes that good design and project success are contingent upon innovative vision, open communication, flexibility in approach, and dedication to delivering exceptional service. With the foundation of trust, dependability, quality, curiosity, and customer satisfaction, MAE Consults has become one of the best consultant choices for those seeking "out of the box" ideas and design. MAE consult has proven to be the one-stop solution for designing and constructing with over — clients throughout the year ranging from residential, commercial, industrial, and mixed-use.

Each project is unique, with different needs and constraints. By listening to the individual needs of our clients and collaborating with them, we are able to create value by developing an enhanced design solution that is uniquely tailored to each client.

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Our staff combines skill with experience and current practices; hence, we avoid the penalties of narrow specialization.

Our company expertise provides the following broad spectrum of services throughout the whole project life-cycle or in specialty provisions as per client requirements.

Our design approach is one in which we are all involved in a team effort aimed at  professional service; regardless of its size. More importantly, we design from the heart. It is our firm belief that architecture is created not so much by a brain as it is by a well-cultivated, enriched heart. 


Architecture: conceptual, schematic, preliminary, and final design, landscaping,  space and functional single-room programming, interior design, and urban design. Engineering: structural design and reports; geotechnical reports, electromechanical design and reports, topographic surveying, design revision, and approvals, working  drawing preparations, design execution manuals, and operational dossier preparations. Construction Project Planning- Feasibility Studies, Strategic and Operational Planning, qualitative and quantitative resource programming, construction project management construction supervision, contract administration, and tendering.

Legal representation for clients and assistance with commissioning works are included in turnkey solutions. Building functionality assessment, expert simulated construction site, turnover package preparation, and environmental assessment matrices.


Interior design

Evidently, Mr. Misikir Agizew along with our interior design and modelling team have been working in the field with proverbial professionals to witness, Mrs. Gigi Sebsebe founder of interior Motits and Design Company, for over 5 years.

The ranking projects he has been working on; foreign affairs office interiors, Noah Real Estate head office interior, Dangote Group, EPAU interiors, Jupiter Hotel reception and Synol hotel Bedroom and reception are among the few 

Urban planning and design

Under Mathewos Consult Mr. Misikir was leading a department developing urban master plan complexes and city retreats for capital and regional cities and a few to note; Neqemte Master plan Project, Mekelle Regulation Project, Maichew Master-plan, DireDawa Master plan and Addis Ababa Master plan (implementation project), were among them.


Borrowing the words of world renowned architect Alvar Alto: “Building art is a synthesis of life in materialized form. We should try to bring in under the same hat not splintered way of thinking, but all in harmony together.”

We try to inject these values into all our project, looking at it not in a compartmentalized manner, nut its entirety. Architecture, to us is not just about fulfilling client requirements; it is also about making a difference, however small. Our intent is to design not just for spatial requisite; but also for the human body and spirit. Architecture, after all, is our responsibility




Location: Kazanchies, Enat Building 8th floor, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Phone: +251 911 86 95 38
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