Maleda Foam and Plastic Factory

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LocationSomali Tera, Beto Building, 2nd Floor, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
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Maleda Foam and Plastic Factory

Maleda foam is a manufacturer of high-standard foam mattresses with its state-of-the-art manufacturing plant equipped with the latest technology within the foam industry in Ethiopia.

Established in June 2017, MALEDA foam factory set out to be the leading, modern, and technologically advanced foam factory in Ethiopia, with the short-term goal of expanding its market share to East Africa and beyond. Furthermore, MALEDA foam is equipped with the most advanced and latest technology in the foam industry. It also owns a state-of-the-art foam factory that produces the highest quality, durable, and stylish foam products in Ethiopia. We recently imported and installed the cutting-edge machine, which makes us the only factory to operate such a plant in our country.

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Currently, we are among the few market leaders within the sector in many aspects like product quality, production process and management, market share, and production capacity. We created more than 300 job opportunities for our employees and their families within our state-of-the-art factories and our headquarters. MALEDA foam management follows a strict and scientific production process and management system, which enables us to be effective market leaders in such a short time.

MALEDA foam has a large market share and a diverse customer base, ranging from home users to businesses. Because we will not compromise on product quality, the level of satisfaction we perceive in our customers motivates us to do even more. We are always keen on change and technological advancements. We always strive to deliver quality products and the best possible customer and after-market services so that we can achieve our goal by keeping the satisfaction of our customers at the highest possible level, which is our irreplaceable value for success.

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  • To be a leading and technologically advanced foam factory in east Africa 
  • To provide quality products and customer service, moreover to be a brand of choice. 
  • Provide a wide option of products for comparative advantage and round-the-clock service for customers within close range of availability. 
  • Maintaining customer satisfaction through quality customer service and updating information regarding their foam needs. 
  • Keen for adapting technological advancement and scientific leadership and management

Vision statement

MALEDA foam, with our visionary and skilled team, strives to be a leading, reliable, and preferred foam factory in Ethiopia, East Africa, and beyond in the shortest time possible. We use cutting-edge technology and automated services.


  • Technological excellence
  • Organizational Excellence
  • Exceeding expectations
  • Team effort
  • Think big and smart
  • We embrace the opportunity to improve and understand that success starts with accountability and ownership.
  • We thrive on change


Our business strategy will revolve around the need to provide quality service to our various target customers, fully satisfying their needs in the process. This shall be undertaken through the recruitment of a professional team and the provision of good quality customer service.

With time, our marketing campaign will increase the awareness of our services in the various market segments we will be targeting. This is particularly so with organizations looking to establish a clear advantage(s) in an increasingly competitive market. We aim to provide clients with the opportunity to focus on their core activities whilst their foam needs are fully satisfied. All marketing material shall be professionally done to be reflective of our intended image and reputation. We should position ourselves as a

Quality foam product manufacturers offer customer satisfaction, enjoyment, dependability, and a positive image. We intend to establish a good rapport with all the relevant stakeholders.

Keys to Success

The keys to MALEDA foam’s success will undoubtedly be effective market segmentation through the identification of several niche markets and implementation strategies. Along these lines, the company intends to implement advertising, personal selling, and direct marketing strategies for the target markets. Our sales and marketing strategies will rotate around keeping in touch with hotels and travel agencies for major customers and advertising for more individual customers. Hence, our key success factors will include the following:

  1. Excellence in fulfilling the promise: We intend to offer completely enjoyable, comfortable, and durable foam products that will ensure our customers are thoroughly satisfied and appreciative at the end of each purchase.
  2. Timely response to customers' requests: We cannot afford to delay our clients for whatever reason, as this will have a negative bearing on our image and reputation, which will affect future business. Hence, we need to be continually communicating with the client to ensure that we are constantly available to meet their expectations.
  3. Solid and fruitful strategic alliances: Considering the nature of our products and services, we realize the importance of establishing and maintaining fruitful strategic alliances with various stakeholders to be assured of a constant flow of customers, fulfilling their needs at every opportunity.

Our Products

  • High-quality foam mattress
  • Bonded and Extra bonded foam sheet

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Maleda foam is a company always endeavor to fulfil its social responsibilities at any cost.


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