ROC Spaces

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LocationAbyssinian Plaza, 7th floor, 703, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Primary CategoryCommission Agent
ROC Spaces

ROC Spaces is a professional property management and brokerage service provider in Ethiopia brought to you by National Asset Management PLC. ROC Spaces exclusively oversees and manages Residential, Office and Commercial properties developed by Noah Real Estate PLC. 

We assist you in establishment and management of your homeowner’s association, as well as with day-to-day duties such as cleaning, security, lighter maintenance, leasing and brokerage.

We offer a high quality of service, competitively priced and performed consistently and timely.

We provide concierge service as well as 24-hours attended emergency line.

We employ adequately trained, friendly and professional team members and customer centric supervisors.



Leasing and Brokerage

We have a track record of 5 successful years of execution that has brought us to the forefront as the largest real-estate developer in Ethiopia. We aim to bring you our equally professionally weighed service where we will provide a full-service brokerage both in the rental and selling of your property.

Our services include: property valuation, advertising of your home through multiple appropriate channels, schedule, prepare and attend open house or private showings, attend or represent you in agreement signing, collect deposit, rent or sale fee and transfer it to you, attend regular inspections, tend evictions if necessary, end of tenancy cleaning.


Our security service is customized to the property and surrounding area in order to provide a safe living and working environment free from theft, loitering and vandalism. We regularly use a combination of 24-hour security with CCTV surveillance of common areas, with more pronounced presence in part of the buildings deemed has higher-risk, ex entrances or parking exits


We provide regular common area cleaning including parking and green areas, periodic deep cleaning and exterior cleaning. Upon request, we also provide start and end of tenancy cleaning. We only use environmentally-safe and sustainable products and disposables.


Our main job is to protect your investment property. We tend to tickets in a timely manner. While our regular service is to provide light preventive maintenance, we also schedule annual maintenance inspections and help you put in place any needed maintenance.

Information:- Abyssinian Plaza, 7th floor, 703
0911159284, 0118932638

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