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LocationKolfe Keranio Sub-city, Woreda 04, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Primary CategoryLeather Products
Unity Import and Export

Unity Import and Export is a trading company based in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, with a global presence. Our company exports various leather products that are also available in the domestic market. We also import various leather chemicals that are useful in the industry, such as Acrylic Resin, Phenol Syntan, Melamine Synatan, Soft Synthetic Fatliquor, Synthetic Fatliquor, Fatliquor, Lecithin, Glove Fatliquor, Penetration Dye, Jet Black, Brown Dye, Resin Binder for a finish, and Pull Up oil-water

Unity 6 Unity Bag


Ethiopian traditional clothing, foods, and spices are also exported by our company. The following are on the list:

  • Injera (እንጀራ)
  • Dry injera (ድርቆሽ)         
  • Red pepper (በርበሬ)
  • Hot chili (ሚጥሚጣ)
  • Mixed chickpea (ሽሮ)
  • False banana (ቆጮ)
  • False banana (ቡላ)
  • Cardamom (ኮረሪማ)
  • Grounded fenugreek (የወጥ አብሽ)
  • Grounded fenugreek for drink (የሚጠጣ አብሽ)
  • Lippia abyssinica (ኮሰረት)
  • Basil (በሶብላ)
  • GHEE /kibe (እጥር ቅቤ)
  • Olive dry stick (የወይራ እንጨት)
  • Ground barley (የገንፎ እህል)
  • Buckthorn (ጌሾ)
  • Barley flour (ብቅል)
  • Cress (ፌጦ)
  • Sheno kebe
  • Turmeric (እርድ)
  • Mustard (ሰናፍጭ)
  • Dekose (ድቁስ)
  • Ethiopian Traditional Dress / Habesha kemis
  • Grill (ምጣድ)
  • Clay pot (ጀበና) Etc…..

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Email : yosephejiguexport@gmail.com 

Whatsapp Number +251 955 19 64 23   Telegram: https://t.me/unityimportandexport

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