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Agazian Conglomerate is a private limited company based in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia's capital city. The conglomerate is involved in a variety of businesses, one of which is training, consulting, and research services. The primary objective of this service is to provide diverse training, consulting, and research services to private organizations, government organizations, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), and international organizations. The firm is made up of world-class intellectuals with a wide range of knowledge and experience.

We connect key decision-makers in emerging economies with global thought leaders and practical experts who can collaborate to deliver technical, intellectual, and managerial transformation through our extensive partner network and commitment. We combine training and consulting services to provide emerging economies with an unrivaled development platform.

We produce real-world results for our clients and the countries they represent now and in the future by providing solutions that have the maximum cultural and commercial impact across every sector imaginable.




  • We are committed to giving world class business services that will effectively assist our clients towards a more strategic, effective, productive and profitable direction.
  • We thrive on adding value to our clients’ business operations by improving productivity and reducing costs.
  • In an ever changing fast paced world, our aim is to give our clients top class services as success is determined by good choices for lasting effects.
  • We strive to be a facilitator of opportunity identification and realization, growth and transformation for the nation and beyond .


Envisioned to create internationally chosen companies through our training and consultancy services


To provide effective training, research and consultancy services and meet the expectations of the client and contribute to the required growth of business.


Professionalism, Dependable and Strategic relationship


Training, Consultancy and Research

What Makes us Unique?

Exceptional Trainers

Exceptional Trainers Agazian


Agazian Conglomerate Consists more than 50 world class trainers with solid industry experience who have published in international publishers. We share best practices, making the training real and personal for you.


 Societal Responsibility:

Societal Responsbility AgazianAs a responsible company, Agazian Conglomerate organizes different conferences, symposiums and workshops on current burning issues having strategic impact and publish proceedings


Diverse Experience:

Diverse ExperienceWe have a unique insight: Agazian Conglomerate provides trainings in a multidimensional   view, most of the trainings are given by mix of experts with high profiled, medium profiled   and   successful practitioners. We offer not only in class training but also study tours and   field trips


Personalized Support:  

Personalized supportWe are with you every step of the way and work in partnership with you and your organization to develop future leaders.




Issuance of Certificate of Participation:

certicate issuanceAgazian Conglomerate awards certificate of participation immediately for those who complete the training successfully





AGAZIAN Conglomerate has been collaborating with organizations to achieve sustainable, transformational change for couples of years. We offer a unique combination of expertise, intellectual rigor and local understanding to help you find the solution that will work for you now, and into the future. We don't import solutions. We discover them - together. We'll listen to you. We'll design and deliver projects with you. We'll talk the extra mile with you, recognizing the challenges that you face, cutting through the red tape and celebrating your achievements with you. What our philosophy? Simple: We believe that collaboration is the key to success.



IFRS ConversionFor a wide variety of companies: Construction, Manufacturing, Trading, Hotel, Transport, etc, AGAZIAN has the expertise to take the responsibility of conversion/implementation from the GAAP system to IFRS. Our comprehensive support starts from training then implementing the system, finally up to audit ratification.



consultancyAGAZIAN CONGLOMERATE PLC has special experience in Ethiopia in many business firms to create a platform on Planning and Monitoring system at all tiers/hierarchy of an organization so that to enable each and every unit and individual of the firm to deliver its tasks as per the designed standard and to be rewarded and accountable towards its performance



FeasabiltyA business feasibility study is an outline of potential issues to address and a set of guidelines to help an entrepreneur make better decisions. Our support on this study would present the basic business idea and all related operating, marketing, financial and managerial considerations. In a sense, it would represent the real “game plan”. AGAZIAN's support would crystallize the dreams and hopes that provide the motivation of the client.





Agazian 13AGAZIAN CONGLOMERATE has a handful experience from diversified companies across the nation. AGAZIAN has the expertise to take the development assignment from initial environmental assessment through detailed planning. Our input can also cover technical assistance such as mission and vision development, objective setting, crafting strategies and implementation plan.


Agazian 14AGAZIAN CONGLOMERATE has exceptional experience on organizing a full set well managed events such as symposiums, workshops, conferences. High quality standard proceeding follows the event to keep the history and distribute to each stakeholders. The scope of services extends from organizing own events, assisting someone's event, partnership events.


Agazian 15OD is a practice to help companies build the capacity to change and accomplish greater effectiveness. “The leadership team, based on assessed needs to solve operational problems or to improve organizational effectiveness, usually initiates OD. Involving employees through bottom-up inputs is enabling to complete OD diagnoses from various angles and levels of point of views.”


Agazian 6AGAZIAN CONGLOMERATE offers comprehensive solutions through a spectrum of Wealth Management services. AGAZIAN would help "before investing, consider the funds' investment objectives, risks, charges, and expenses." It would provide customized planning, advice, and investment management, led by a dedicated advisor.
Working with input from our clients, we implement a personalized investment strategy and provide ongoing discretionary management and portfolio reporting.


AGAZIAN Conglomerate has been providing diversified services to its esteemed customers with due respect to their specific need, as a result AGAZIAN had got a lot of awards from its clients. Few of the customers or sponsors are:

What Else We Do?

In addition to the training and consultancy services, Agazian Conglomerate provides different uniform clothes for employees, industrial workers, students, waiters/waitresses, guards, crew/hostesses, doctors, teachers, laboratory technicians, welders, hotel and restaurant workers, graduation gowns, etc... Its products and services range from white-collar to blue-collar uniform dresses.

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