Zataw General Trading PLC

Mobile +251 930 006108
Mobile 2 +251 930 006109
Mobile 3 +251 911 205593
LocationPiassa, in front of OLD POSTAL OFFICE, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Primary CategoryBuilding/Construction Materials and Equipment
Zataw General Trading PLC

Zataw General Trading, in Ethiopia, is an importer and supplier of different building materials, electromechanical equipment, electrical machinery, workshop equipment, wood work equipment, hand tools, safety equipment, agricultural equipment, various types of small and large capacity generators and pumps, pressure pumps, Engines for mixers, carbon brushes, sanding machine, spare parts for generators, compressors, mixers, cutters, fuel counter, drills, safe box and so on.

  • Generators
    • 30KVA super silent diesel generator in both single & three phase
    • 9.5kva- model DM9500T
    • 7.5 kw silent 220V portable diesel generator good performance
    • GT power model GT6500DS, silent, 5kw 220V, easy to move portable diesel generator
    • Kipor KDE7000ET original 5kw disease Generator 220v portable silent
    • Perkins 22KVA super silent, Automatic stand ATS joint, in single & three phase, made in England
    • Mq443 4hp 3kw 2800RPM single phase 30cm width incurable it's is too dynamic
    • KDE8500ET Hansa, Silent Disease Generator, 220V, portable, 192F models, key starter, surge 6.7kw, 8.5KVA
    • Small portable generator
    • Kama silent Generator KDE12STA3
    • Hansa HG11000SE silent 220V key starter
    • 300KvA Turkish Super silent Diesel Generator
    • 220KVA ulter silent diesel Generator made in Turkish
    • 100KVA open perkins, open one, made in England
    • Firman silent Diesel Generators 65 ,80& 100KVA arrived
    • 250KVA silent Diesel Generators doze made in Germany ultra super silent
  • Pumps:
    • Pentax surface pump, in single & three phase
    • 1/4hp vacuum pump
    • 1/2Hp vacuum pump 115/230 voltage 18psa
    • Pressure pump: for home use
    • Submersible pump: 1Hp #Shimge
    • Pressure pump for car washing businesses, Vertical, high performance
  • Car washing machine- 1.9hp with 8m water hose
  • Hand Gloves- Brand-TOTAL TOOlS, in different sizes
  • Chain Saw: Hawk brand, gasoline
  • Welding Machine: 200Amp AC/DC
  • Gasoline Robin Plat compactor: 90 KG
  • Gasoline Reamer compactor: model RM80, engine power 3-6.5hp, impact force 10000 newton 78kg
  • Gasoline Robin vibrator: 5.5hp with 38mm Japan hose, made in Japan
  • Battery charger: 630ampir both 12&24V Genus company
  • Hand tools
  • Jeksaw: Makita, made in Japan, 4327 model, 450watt
  • Air compressor: Shimage 50L, 20V
  • Digital cash box: 2 ton
  • Vacuum cleaner: 30L&40L
  • Electrical drilling mixer: 1600 watts

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