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LocationBole Medhanialem, Hibret Insurance Building, 2nd Floor, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
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Woye Logistics

Woye Logistics aims to make logistics efficient in Ethiopia by developing digital system to link customers and drivers on cargo transportation service with a set of guiding principles, attitudes and driving forces that systemize the country's logistics demand. We empower drivers to make more money with their own vehicle while giving good service of cargo transportation with cheap price. The brand name for this logistics service is “Woye”. Get Ict Solutions PLC is the owner company of Woye Logistics in Ethiopia.


Woye is a registered Trademark of GET ICT Solutions PLC. The application allows people to book any kind of carriers from small pick-ups to big trucks to move their cargo from a pick up location to any destination within Ethiopia.The application connects customers to drivers located near them. The company gets connected to more delivery inquiries across Addis Ababa. And it connects the inquiry with Woye drivers. We empower drivers, who are Woye Partners, to make more money with their own vehicle. We have two applications for drivers and customers. Drivers can get the orders based on the proximity of their location, and also customers can order a truck depending on their demand and size of shipment to be transported.

Customers can also contact the call the center using short code 7380 to place an order.

Depending on the service the company provides, it has three types of customers:

  1. Internal Customers are those who work under the office structure performing various duties
  2. External Customers are those who have a shipment to be transported
  3. Co-Workers/Partners are those who have their own truck and can work to transport shipments from the external customers


To make moving goods in Ethiopia easy


To be the most reputable logistics service provider in Ethiopia


  • Teamwork
  • Readiness to embrace change
  • User-first
  • Solution-oriented
  • Responsible


To move goods from initial location to the destination. It uses mobile application as a tool to make the shipment easier and transparent. The system offers an easy, convenient and transparent way of movement.


Customer Application

Online Booking Features

  • Displays available online drivers live on a map
  • Allows to choose load pickup and drop location
  • Allows users to choose a vehicle depending on their cargo size to be transported
  • Allows to check the estimated price of the trip
  • Allows to contact the driver who has accepted their order
  • Past and current cargo transportation history with detailed pieces of info such as driver's name, license plate, trip distance, amount charged, duration and method of payment
  • E-receipt through an email showing detailed trip route and info

Driver Application

  • Displays customer order on limited area of driver location.
  • Gives all information of the order such as pickup and drop location, estimated price and type of load, etc.
  • Allows to accept or reject the order.
  • Allows users to contact the customer who ordered.
  • The app calculates the price depending on the distance traveled (in kilometers) and time taken.
  • Past and current cargo transportation history with detailed pieces of info such as customer name, phone number, trip distance, amount paid, duration and method of payment.
  • E-receipt through an email showing detailed trip route and info

Contact Us

Adress : Bole Medhanialem, Hibret Insurance Building, 2nd Floor

Mobile : +251 948 49 49 49

Email: sales@woyenow.com

Call center: 7380 

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