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Jubilee Enterprise

Our story began in 2009 in Ethiopia, back when we were just “the” one company – Jubilee Lounge & Restaurant

However, on the basis of the affinity of our technical background, we evolved into our true calling.

Our current situation has availed to us the privilege to connect with different people – across the globe – every day, with exceptional services throughout a wide gamut of industries. Whether you need your event, or your marketing, or your PR and communications, or your design work done, with us behind you, you are in good hands. Everything we do is about YOU. From our events team who create unforgettable experiences to our creative team who know exactly what you want your brand to be that come up with new and exciting concepts.

We prioritize your needs.

Our Companies


Established in 2015, Jubilee Events is an international event management agency that specializes in end-to-end design and production of international conferences, product launches, special corporate events, concerts as well as social and individual events. Our office is based in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia while our clients span the whole scope of industries and nationalities.

We conceptualize, design, plan and produce events & concerts with impeccable detail and care to our clients’ priorities and needs. These are not just the services we offer; these are the core principles of our process.

Our approach is consultative, we immerse ourselves in our client’s mission, appreciating their goals as our own and working as an extension of their company. With such intimate knowledge of our client’s objectives, we customize our services and design plans that can be executed with precision and flexibility.

Above all else, Jubilee Event is composed of a team of experienced professionals who are passionate about problem solving and delivering events that live up to our brand name. Our team constantly push themselves beyond the call of duty to achieve steadily greater results.


We provide a 360-degree range of conference management, corporate and social event planning services, from concept development, event design to on-site supervision and production all the way to post-event management.


  • Branding
  • Production
  • Target market identification
  • Communications & PR strategy planning
  • Event theme concept & development
  • Honoree and speaker selection, etc


  • Interior design
  • Website design
  • Graphic design
  • Promotional material design (magazines, totes, pens/pads)
  • Digital design
  • Product design
  • Advertising & marketing design, etc


  • Invitation, visa letter, RSVP and registration management
  • Press conference and media relations
  • Vendor selection & negotiation
  • Lodging reservations
  • Transportation management
  • VIP airport protocol services, etc


  • Event design & setup
  • Shuttle services to venue
  • On-site management & staffing
  • Audio-visual, lighting, staging & special events support
  • Translation & interpretation
  • Special excursions
  • Entertainment & cultural evenings
  • Concept production, etc



  • Create static & dynamic adverts for social media dissemination
  • Use all social media platforms to disseminate the event and get as many as possible registered
  • Send targeted invites via email to a specified list of attendees – we can assist/support with a database of contacts
  • Create meeting platforms for speakers to rehearse
  • Setup branded YouTube channel for audiences to engage and listen in
  • Share video of discussion to all who have registered to the event
  • Send final thank you notes
  • Conduct surveys, etc

During Event:

  • Live stream the discussion from the online platform to YouTube
  • Brand the streaming channel with sponsors logo
  • Insert speakers name on screen as they are speaking
  • Create a virtual studio for pre-recorded footage or live input
  • Collate questions and send to moderator to address
  • Manage agenda and timeline along with any ads that need to be run during the discussion
  • Manage any presentations or documents to be shared from speakers


  • Share video of discussion to all who have registered to the event
  • Send final thank you notes
  • Conduct surveys


Our excellent working relationship with various vendors ensures our clients a wide range of services to tailor-make an unforgettable event.


Established in 2009, it’s hard to think of a Lounge & Restaurant anywhere in the world that has made excellence so effortlessly routine as Jubilee Lounge & Restaurant. Our downtown lounge trick is in our trend-chasing and flash. 

Under the stewardship of Biruk Amdu, it evolves from one year to the next, always delivering with poise and studied purpose. The gleaming cubist interior frames the two bars (indoor and outdoor) like pieces of fine art. 

Our service is pitched perfectly – warm and judiciously attentive –and whatever your penchant, the cocktails, like the staff, are impeccably tailored. Like a benevolent omen, the trolley tray gently clinks and glides around the room delivering bespoke Dry Martinis – probably the best in Addis.

Everything at Jubilee just makes sense: take the latest menu, Format, inspired by the shapes and forms of our very own, the one and only Jubilee Design Atelier.

Try the King George V, a scotch and sherry mix which comes in two distinct parts, the two blended by a pull on a custom-designed, modernist stirrer.


We take our motto seriously, and we do everything in our power to live up to our slogan.

Quality takes precedence over any other thing in our business.

Believe us when we say you will be satisfied and happy with the services you will be provided with especially with regards to quality & freshness of products.


It is not the aesthetics of the venue, nor the mesmerizing lights. It is not just the crystal clear sound of the fancy setup. It is not even the luxury that you find at our lounge that makes our clientele comfortable and want to keep coming back. The secret – the friendly and courteous staff that welcomes you with smiles and cheers that will make you feel right at home.


What sets us apart from other venues in Addis Abeba, is our capacity in terms of curating events at our Lounge,

Our quality of service, our wide array of drinks, cocktails and canapés. All this is combined with our state-of-the-art lounge and club equipment and furniture along with our progressive and innovative creativity that brings to life any concept. 

Simply put, we take Entertainment to a whole new level.

All in all, we provide services for:

  • Events
  • Parties
  • Restaurant and private dining
  • Night out


With one goal in mind: Creating beautiful, practical designs for everyone, our mission is to become the leader in the luxury design market at a worldwide level.

For us, Social Responsibility is an important part of our strategy. We work with a holistic, yet realistic, approach. We state that it is our duty to use our position as a luxury brand to pioneer and promote sustainability.

We see ourselves as cool and responsible, and we value ourselves on our craftsmanship. For us these three concepts are linked; social responsibility is cool!

Our values are deeply embedded within ethics and devoted to working on the strategies of sustainability, with quality remaining a priority and at the forefront of all our products and services. Sustainability for people and the environment is part of the quality concept.

Our wide selection of services means that we are the one-stop shop for all your design needs. Your journey starts from the initial phone call through to the procurement of the final product - we will work closely with you to deliver the results you are after. We believe our work should speak for itself.

We will work together with you to design, create and produce work that we are proud of and believe in.


  1. Well-considered design
    Extensive combined knowledge and experience of our team ensures you that we have the nous to create innovative and stylish solutions for your home, workplace or holiday rental, . Whatever the project, our job is to find the right solution.
  2. We create for you
    We listen to our clients and create a personalized design solution that is tailored to YOU! We want you to love the end result and will work with you to ensure you are more than happy with the outcome.
  3. Leave the details to us
    It all comes down to the details and our team is there to guarantee all the finer points are taken care of, so you don’t need to worry about them, giving you peace of mind.
  4. Seamless solution
    From the initial concept to the final creation, our creative team will look after your project from start to finish ensuring a seamless process of design, construction and decoration.
  5. Value for your investment
    By working with an experienced Designer, you benefit from our vast expertise and the experiences of our preferred and trusted suppliers and resources, aiding you to avoid financial disappointments and giving you a finished project that will enchant you.


Digital Lighthouse is a Jubilee Enterprise Media House specializing in technical and artistic innovative solutions addressed to the Cultural and Creative Industry.

Created with the purpose of testing the new frontiers of computer graphics and digital technologies, the company has developed unprecedented techniques of accurate visual realities, designed for revolutionizing the cultural and artistic production through advanced processes of integration between tools, methodologies and competencies of engineering and ICT.

The faithful digital construction of sites of interest, landscapes, objects and architectures is made possible thanks to the high resolution sensing with next-generation sensors and the following processing of the data obtained, based on a processing chain enhanced in order to guarantee sustainable costs and faster production time.

Thanks to the development of virtual reconstructions, the implementation of audio-visual contents and products, visual digital effects, graphic animations, software applications and audio production, the company has become a central point in the sectors of Cinema, TV, Broadcasting, Video Production, Virtual Reality, Digital Heritage, Games & Apps and Music.

Digital Lighthouse is located in a modern structure composed of its own sound stages, equipped with the most modern technologies available in the market and of spaces and laboratories designed for activities such as video editing, color correction, vfx production, recording, sound editing, mixing and mastering, computer graphics and development of multimedia products.

Designers, 3D & digital artists, programmers, engineers, experts in cultural heritage, technicians and operators, working in several departments, develop products and solutions at high creative content, using cutting-edge tools and innovative working methods.


  • Cinema and visual effects
  • TV, broadcasting and video production
  • Digtal heritage
  • 3D virtual reality and multimedia 
  • Games and apps
  • Music 


We bring years of digital marketing experience providing proven results to help our clients succeed online.

We pride ourselves on our customer-first approach in communicating and educating our clients on the best practices for all aspects of digital marketing.

Customer First Approach

We provide routine weekly communication, monthly reporting, as well as strategy reviews to ensure each digital marketing campaign is positioned for results. Our customer-first attitude, commitment to communication & transparency and our strategic reporting make us the perfect digital marketing company for your brand.

We have built a team of online marketing professionals to help you rule the web. We customize our approach on every digital marketing campaign and utilize the appropriate services to deliver the best results for every client.

Fun Facts

  • Founded in 2018, we are part of the fastest-growing “Inc. 500” companies of Ethiopia for 3 straight years.
  • 50+ marketers and voted one of the “best places to work” in Addis Abeba
  • We are result-driven, all that matters to us are results. Every month we prove that to each of our clients.
  • Clients love working with us, we are proud to boast a 97% client retention rate.


  • Reputation management
  • Review acquisition
  • Search engine optimization
  • Social media marketing
  • Local marketing
  • Lead generation
  • Public relations
  • Website design


We are a global communications firm that partners with businesses and organizations to evolve, promote and protect their brands and reputations. Our team delivers communications strategies that give our clients the confidence to lead and act with certainty, earning the trust of their stakeholders.

We use our profit to strengthen our business, provide our employees with opportunities to grow, advance our industry, and serve as responsible citizens of the world. Every day, we strive to live and work by a long-held set of core values: the pursuit of excellence, the freedom to be curious, the courage to do the right thing, and a commitment to improving society.

While our culture has evolved our firm’s history, we are still driven by our founding principles, including entrepreneurship, independence, and the mandate that everyone is an account executive. Core to our culture are our values, which guide our behavior, support a client-centric approach, influence the way we work with each other, our clients, and the community, and inspire great work.

Jubilee's Founding Father


Biruk Amdu is the founding father of Jubilee. In 2009, with humble beginnings, he started the Lounge & Restaurant. Quickly his background in engineering and his love for everything technical, gave way to Jubilee Events & Entertainment.

Unable to stop there, he solved the biggest issue that event organizers have – access to equipment. That is exactly what he did, solved the problem many organizers faced by bringing in different types of stages, the best sound system on the market, LED screens, concert lights & different stage effects, different types of tents, chairs, décor elements etc.

Again unable to stop there, with his motto “the sky is the limit”, he put together a team of innovative youngsters with whom he worked to grow Jubilee into the big enterprise that it is today; bringing his dreams to life.

He holds a BSc in Mechanical Engineering and is fluent in Amharic, English, Spanish and French.

This is not even half of it for Biruk, all we can do is wait and see the logical extremes of his ambitions.

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