Bamak Foam and Plastic

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Bamak Foam and Plastic

Bamlak Foam and Plastics is a company in Ethiopia, a subsidiary of Bamlak Industries, that owns and operates manufacturing sites in Dukem and Gelan areas comprising of facilities established for  Foam Factory, PP Bag and rolls Factory, PET Flake and Strapping Belt Factory, LED Plastic Film Factory and Woven Ribbon Factor.

Our manufacturing facilities are eqipped with state of the art technologies. We also own a well organized and up to modern standard warehouses of 2500m2

Vision, Mission, and Values


We aspire to be a premier manufacturer of top quality industrial products. We dedicate ourselves to be the supplier of choice when our type of products are being sought whhile having a commitment to quality through the strength of our greatest asset: our people.


It is the mission of Bamak Industries to be providers of the finest commercial quality industrial products. We understand that we cannot be successful unless our customers are successful. We are committed to enhancing our customer’s success with responsiveness, quality and service that sets the industry standard.


At Bamak, our longstanding values help inform and guide every decision we make. We are committed to:

  • Safety: We ensure that the well-being of our staff, community and the environment is integral to everything we do.
  • Quality: We consistently achieve to agreed standards.
  • Innovation: We create and deliver new value for our customers and the business in alignment with our vision.
  • Integrity: We do what is right.
  • Success: We build sustainable value through the achievement of business and personal goals.

Products, Services and Operations


Our PP Woven Bag manufacturing plant is located at Dukem Town of the Oromia region on a total land area of 4,560m2

The factory has installed state-of-the-art machinery and produces quality PP woven bags for many customers in the country and have an installed production capacity of 150,000 PP woven bags per day.

The average annual turnover of the factory is Birr 120 million and has 240 permanent employees.


Our Bamak brand foam and mattress manufacturing plant is located at Gelan town on a total land area of 23,000m2 and has a total 102 permanent employees.

Our factory produces various sizes of foam and mattress and earns an average annual turnover of Birr 350 million.


Our HDPE pipe and fittings manufacturing plant has an installed production capacity of 15 ton HDPE pipes and 8,000m2 pipe fittings per day.

The average annual turnover of the factory is Birr 190 million and has 20 permanent employees.


Our Plastic Bottles Recycling Plant, which is currently undergoing machinery installation, will have an installed recycling capacity of 15 tons per day.

The average annual turnover of the plant is estimated to be Birr 100 million per annum and will employee 220 permanent employees.


One of our sister companies runs a warehouse rental business and currently we have rented out our warehouse, which has a total area 9,669m2, to Unilver Ethiopia with monthly rental fee of Birr 65,000 per month.


We are also engaged in the import and export trading business and we mainly import of industrial chemicals, agro chemicals and various brands of brand new and used cars. Our import trade has an average annual turnover of Birr 280 million.


With a wide experience in the Ethiopian manufacturing sector, our company is determined to expand its business through establishing new investments.

Our Company, to establish MDF Manufacturing Plant, has already acquired 35,000m2 of land at Debre Brehan Town, just 100km from Addis Ababa, the capital city of Ethiopia.

Besides, in order to realize our plan to establish agricultural equipment manufacturing plant we have acquired a total land area of 12,000m2 at Gelan town of Oromia regional state which is just 35km from Addis Ababa.

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