Lkiet Property Valuation & Management

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Primary CategoryProperty Management
Lkiet Property Valuation & Management

LKIET-ልኬት Property Valuation & Management is uniquely positioned to provide stem to stern solutions for asset valuation needs in Ethiopia whether it is commercial or noncommercial properties. We possess the local market expertise, competency, and high level of experience that allows us to perform high-quality asset valuations services with punctual service delivery.


  • Put our client’s needs and quality of our work first;
  • Transform knowledge for our clients’, staff’ and communities’ benefit;
  • Strive to conduct our business in a more integrity and independent way;
  • Recognize that our client’s needs are paramount;
  • Strive for excellence in all our dealings with our clients;
  • Strive for perfection throughout the way;
  • Provide effective and efficient services to our clients’ satisfaction


  • Asset Valuation (all types of Properties) for
    • Financial Statement,
    • Capital Share (Dividends)
    • Taxation,
    • Court Case,
    • For Banks
    • Sell and buy of real estate,
  • Business Valuation
  • Real Estate Management & Advisory Services
  • Real Estate Agent

Some of our Customers

  • GOAL Ethiopia (NGO)
  • PUREWOOD Pulp Paper Packaging PLC
  • Ambassador Garment & Trade PLC
  • BOKRA Construction & Trade PLC
  • Universal Plastics Factory PLC
  • SUNVADO Manufacturing PLC
  • Lovegrass Agro Processing PLC
  • Export Trading Group (ETG)
  • PRAMUKH Agro Industries PLC 
  • And many others

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