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SOLOMON ESHETE & Co., Chartered Certified Accountants and Authorized Auditor in Ethiopia are established by Mr. Solomon Eshete, FCCA. Mr. Solomon Eshete, FCCA, is a member of The Association of Chartered Certified Accountants, UK. He has received Professional Competence Certificate from the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia Office of the Federal Auditor General and Accounting Standard board of Ethiopia (AABA) to provide Audit and Accounting service in Ethiopia. He also is a member of, Institute of Internal Auditors (IIA)-US, Ethiopian Professional Auditors and Accountants Association and Association of External Auditors. Mr. Solomon is contributed a lot for the progress of Audit profession by being the Member of the External Auditors Association currently he is the Secretary of the Association. He was also served as member and President of Executive Committee of Chartered Certified Accountants Students’ Society in Ethiopia (CCASSE), on his term his outstanding skill helps the achievement of the Association objectives such as promoting the profession in Ethiopia and establishing ACCA branch office in Ethiopia.

Solomon is the Owner and Principal of the Audit firm. He has served the profession for more than 17 years in Government , Non government, Private business undertakings and External Audit Firms in the following positions: -

  • Audit Manager, in External Audit Firm
  • Audit Senior, in External Audit Firms
  • Finance Manager, In Private Companies
  • Accounting and Tax Consultant, in Different Private Companies
  • Finance Officer, Project Casher and Community Development Worker (CDW), in an International NGO Called Child Fund (Christian Children Fund) which has a similar nature of projects with. Most In Ethiopian

His experience as Audit manager, Mr. Solomon has audited & reviewed the internal and accounting control systems, conducted meetings and discussed and agreed on audit reports, and other related matters with top management of different government, non – governmental organizations and private companies broadly detailed as follows:

  • Entertainment and event organizing entities
  • Non Governmental organization
  • Agricultural businesses
  • Construction Companies
  • Non Governmental Organizations
  • Real estates
  • Financial Institutions, namely Banks and Saving and Credit Institutions
  • Import and Export Companies
  • Hotels
  • Merchandising businesses and distributors
  • Factories
  • Consultancy business organizations
  • Government organizations
  • Import and Export companies
  • Other Businesses

Mr. Solomon’s employment in different Companies and institutions in different positions has exposed him to different working environments and systems which helped him to attain the current competencies. He has also provided advisory services to various institutions in the different areas required from the profession.
We have more than 300 Audit clients including NGOs, Government Organization, Construction Contractors, Importers, and Exporters, Churches, Manufacturing Companies, Entertainment companies …etc


The Federal Auditor General conducted an evaluation of the audit firms in Ethiopia in order to determine their position in the professional practice before three years. Accordingly, our firm classified under the second grade which is grade ‘B’.
We believe that this is our firm continues investment on the man power development and providing excellent service to the public.


Solomon Eshete & Co is an assurance and tax advisory firm established to provide its clients & community with high quality and professional, services.

Our main goal is finding new ways to serve you. We make it our duty to train ourselves and recruit competent specialists in new areas so that we can provide you with the high quality service that you expect.


To be one of the leading auditing and consulting firms in Ethiopia in terms of providing professional services, number of employees and number of partners & representatives.


At Solomon Eshete & Co. for Auditing & Consulting we are dedicated to quality. It is through offering our own expertise in various Assurance and Consulting services and maintaining an ongoing system of quality review that we offer you professional services.


We have 19 professional staffs with different qualification such as ACCA members, BA degree and Diploma in Accounting and 3 Supporting Staffs’.


We have more than 350 clients with different business sectors including Non Governmental organization, Import and export companies, Different Manufacturing Companies, Schools, Clinics and Hospitals , Non Governmental organization and governmental organization, Share Companies, Financial institutes and ..Etc


We have enclosed herewith:-

  • A copy of Practicing Certificate Obtained from the Association of Charted Certified Accountants:
  • A copy of Certificate of Competence obtained from the office of the Federal Auditor General and Accounting and Auditing Standard Board of Ethiopia;
  • Grade Notification from Federal Auditor General of Ethiopia
  • A copy of trading License:
  • A copy of trade registration;
  • A copy of VAT Registration Certificate:
  •  A Copy of Tax identification Certificate;
  •  Client Lists
  • Staff List
  • Other related documents;

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