Tebita Ambulance Pre-Hospital Emergency Medical Service (TEBITA)

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Tebita Ambulance Pre-Hospital Emergency Medical Service (TEBITA)

Tebita Ambulance Pre-Hospital Emergency Medical Service (TEBITA) is the first private ambulance and emergency service provider of its kind in Ethiopia. Established in 2008 by a professional anesthetist, TEBITA provides a rang of services including remote emergency care for multinational companies, 24-hour emergency response in Addis Ababa, peace of mind services for companies and missions in Addis Ababa, emergency training for health and non-health professionals and emergency medical supplies including first aid kit. TEBITA prepare the first teaching DVD on first aid in Amharic.

TEBITA is now internationally recognized asthe leading emergency care provider in Ethiopia. The company has received numerous awards from local and foreign governments and development organizations for its lifesaving services. The company is licensed by the Addis Ababa Health Bureaus and has achieved ISO 9001:2008 in quality management systems.

TEBITA is dedicated to delivering professional, quality and reliable emergency care services to the citizens of Ehiopia, multinational companies, non-governmental organizations and other stakeholders.

TEBITA is partnered with East Africa Emergency Services (EAES), an Ethiopian and American joint venture, to provide professional emergency care to clients in Ethiopia and throughout East Africa.

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To be the most reliable emergency medical services (EMS) provider in Ethiopia and East Africa. We aspire to be the place you turn to for emergency care. We aim to be comprehensive, reliable, internationally renowned and preferred emergency medical services (EMS) provider in East Africa and the EMS hub for Ethiopia.


Emergency Service

Our Ambulance’s work 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Our Professional Paramedic/Nurses and the dispatch call centersTebita8035 respondents are trained and with the utmost professionalism. We provide Emergency Service to Transport from home to hospital, from hospital to hospital, Referral from Regions to Addis hospitals and from Addis hospitals to Regional homes. We have Advanced Life Support Ambulances that will provide special service for ICU Patients. You can call with a short Code 8035 for Emergency.

Remote Ambulance Services

Multi-national and local companies who are working in remote areas and are involved in mineral mining, oil exploration, rail and road construction, etc. are vulnerable to injuries and acute illness. Based on your need we will assign our ambulances to your projects at remote areas, each ambulance is fitted with state of the art equipment to meet the requirements of the client. Our service come with a highly professional crew, including a first aid trained driver and an emergency trained nurse.

Tebita Paramedic College

Tebita open the first paramedic college in Ethiopia in partnership with East Africa Emergency Service, Weber State University and Partnership For Change and have received the first Batch of students On January,2018.


Reduce immediate deaths and medical complications due to cardiac arrest, airway obstruction and bleeding that occur in the workplace by increasing your organization’s emergency preparedness. If you want to keep your workplace safe we provide a 1-3-day course on location or on our training facility to equip your staff with the necessary skills to properly respond in an emergency.

Ambulance service for Events

If you have gathering for any event or celebration in your company, you can reserve an ambulance to be around your gathering to respond to you on time so that you can save the lives of your staff and guests.

Peace of Mind

The Peace of Mind package is available to organizations, families and individuals. This service includes a standard and fully equipped ambulance for advanced life support management with well-experienced emergency professionals. You can be a member of the service and get a priority in the ambulance calls anytime the need arises.

Special Emergency Services

Do you have special requirements for your company or project? Please let us know, and we will do our best to accommodate your emergency preparedness needs. We have also introduced Moto- Bikes which will be usedto transport our paramedics at the scene of an accident before the ambulance arrives in case of traffic jams.

The customers we serve

TEBITA has transported more than 60,000 patients and provided first aid training for 40,000 trainers in Ethiopia. We have also provided specialized services to a variety of diplomatic missions, non governmental organizations, hospitals, multinotional companies, construction companies, banks and hotels. The company has evacuated patients from across Ethiopia. We have also provided special services to over 70 companies in different sectors, i.e. to a variety of diplomatic missions, nongovernmental organizations, hospitals, multinational companies, construction companies, banks, and hotels.

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