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BCaD Consulting Management PLC

BCaD Consulting Management was established in 1998 as a sole proprietorship business organization under the commercial law of Ethiopia and got incorporated as PLC in 2011. Our company is proficient in undertaking consultancy and training activities in the areas of business management and development services in Ethiopia.

BCaD carries out a wide range of business support activities through high-caliber multidisciplinary professionals in various fields. We use both custom-made models as well as internationally anchored ones for facilitating enterprise competitiveness.


Uphold leadership in the empowerment of leaders and managers in the private sector through building their competencies to create innovative businesses and manage them through continuously transforming their business problems into opportunities.


BCaD is positioned to foster self-employment opportunities, income growth to a broader base of targeted customers and profitability of business enterprises in Ethiopia and beyond through custom-made business services it renders commercially based on demand.

Through the various services it renders to its clients, BCaD aims to:

  • Create young entrepreneurs and business leaders and sharpen managers through innovative training and consequent. Outreaches with on the spot business development services(BDS)
  • Enhance self-employment opportunities, build the competitiveness of business enterprises through technological advancement and modern management science across priority sectors of the country including textile and garment, leather and leather products, agriculture and agro-processing, chemicals and pharmaceuticals, ICT, metallurgy, etc
  • Coach business development agents (DAs) to effectively facilitate business development services (BDS)
  • Support value chain development initiatives through a comprehensive and all-inclusive analysis and facilitation
  • Forster supply chain management through training and consulting


BCaD-Consulting Management is a consulting company practicing professional excellence through maintaining the delivery of genuine and high-quality services and keeping professional ethics. The firm carries out a wide range of activities through the involvement of high-caliber multidisciplinary professionals.


The following Business Development Services (BDS) are our instruments by which we strive to attain our mission. Most of the tools we use are internationally anchored for which we have international networks and associations for updating the packages and sharing experiences. 



  • Value Chain Analysis Training,
  • Supply Chain Management,
  • Market survey techniques,
  • Business plan preparation,
  • Training of Trainers in participatory adult training methods,
  • Entrepreneurial and Intrapreneurship training (CEFE method),
  • Grassroots Management Training (GMT) for women entrepreneurs,
  • Training in International Trade Practices,
  • Project Cycle Management Training,
  • Business Leadership,
  • Value Chain Facilitation and Upgrading Strategies,
  • Developing competitive strategies for successful marketing,
  • Business Diagnosis and Strategy Design,
  • Business management consultancy for SMEs.
  • Studies in the development and promotion of Income Generating Activities,
  • Risk analysis and transaction advisory Service in business to business (B2B) relationship;
  • Supply Chain Management;
  • Organisation and Moderation of International and national level events



We do have cross-cutting expertise that is applicable to all sectors; however, we have hands-on experience in the following areas:

  • Agriculture and Agro-processing especially cereals, oilseeds, fruits, dairy, livestock, meat, apiculture, etc.
  • Tourism
  • Renewable energy particularly energy efficient cookstove business development and social marketing
  • Off-grid electrification (due diligence and M&E)
  • Handicrafts
  • Construction
  • Export Marketing
  • Manufacturing (Textile & Garment, Leather & Leather Products, Agro-processing, and others)
  • Other Business Services.


BCaD was a Technical Intervention Office (TIO) for CDE in Ethiopia from April 2006 till end of 2013. This is a ACP/EU private sector development program which aims at improving the business environment and facilitating transfer of technology with in ACP-EU countries as per the Cotonue Agreement. Currently, we are technical partners of the United States African Development Fund (USADF) based on a cooperative agreement to deliver technical support and monitor the Power Africa Programme in Ethiopia since August 2014. The method we use for entrepreneurship development program is called Competency based Economies through Formation of Enterprise (CEFE) which is developed by GIZ and now promoted by the CEFE International to which we are partners in promoting the concept in Ethiopia and Africa.

We have also been organising and moderating multi-stakeholder platforms (MSPs) for four out of six of the value chains of SNV- BOAM Programme which is a private sector development programme of The Royal Netherlands Development Organisation (SNV). With regard to a methodological approach for Value Chain (VC) development, we are experts with the Value Links approach and our Chief Executive Officer (CEO) is a founding member of the Value Links International. Our CEO is further involved in the African Region VC training and analysis program as a distinguished service provider to GIZ.

We were also correspondents and Business Advisory Service (BAS) provider for IntEnt Foundation in the Netherlands for company matchmaking and business advisory services provision to Ethiopian Diaspora in the Netherlands who have had intentions to invest in companies which fit for partnership with Dutch business people. Moreover, we have been working with the International Trade Centre (ITC) in commercially promoting various enterprise competitiveness tools since 2007 hitherto. Some of these are the Business Management Systems (BMS) model for business diagnostics and strategy design; the Modular Learning System in Supply Chain Management (MLS-SCM) based on a license agreement; ACCESS! II programme for capacitating African Women Entrepreneurs to be export competitive through training and business counselling.


We do have accumulated brand equity with identified trade name, trademark, and service and product brand name as well as a business motto.

  • Trade Registration Number: 20/2/00302/03
  • Trade License Number: 04/2/25107/03
  • Tax Identification Number (TIN): 0022371189
  • Bank Account: Commercial Bank of Ethiopia, Bole Branch C/A 0171820465800
  • Trade name : BCaD-Consulting Management PLC
  • Service and product brand name and mark: âworks®
  • Moto: Spurring Innovation and Entrepreneurship

 Spurring Innovation and Entrepreneurship


Currently, BCaD employs 10 full-time employees comprising one principal consultant, two senior consultants, two consultants, and three support staff. Moreover, there are more than twenty outsourced professionals who have been trained to use our various consulting and training packages and have been working for us for several years based on call-off contracts regularly. Therefore, through our reliable professionals and the various technical tools we acquired, we give high-quality customized services mainly in the private sector development initiatives.

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BCaD has obtained several clients basically international and local development organizations that give financial and capacity-building assistance to the Ethiopian enterprising society. A few of them are

  • UN Women
  • ITC
  • GIZ
  • World Bank
  • CARE Ethiopia
  • Innovation for Poverty Action (IPA)
  • LWF, and others.

Through these development organizations, thousands of enterprising Ethiopians from micro to small enterprise owners and from new startups to expanded and diversified companies have been addressed through our services. Furthermore, we extended our services to Trade Promotion Organisations (TPOs) and Business Membership Organizations (BMOs).

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